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Cooling Off

When the temperature starts to rise, one starts to think of ways to cool off.


As one who is fiber obsessed, I start to see clear, fresh water in my yarn.


Happy Fiberlicious Friday!  The roving that I spun the yarn from was Pippikneesocks, merino/tencel in color Choco Bird, purchased from Scouts Swag.

I've been continuing to knit my Icarus, but it doesn't make for very exciting blog posts.  To keep myself, and hopefully my readers interested, I whipped up another handspun pouch.


This one is knit from my earliest  spinning.  Spinneret introduced me to a kind and generous bunch of knitters and spinners who helped me with my drop spindle.  They also gave me bits of fiber to try.  I spun them all together and found the results quite charming. 


A few posts back when I showed the first of these bags that I made, along with a description of how to make one yourself, a number of people asked if the lining goes all the way to the bottom.  Yes, it does.  I find that fully lining knit bags helps with stability.  You don't want your hard work stretching out of shape when you fill it with your latest sock project.

In other news:

  • If you haven't read Aija's post from today, go over and read it.  She has some great etsy links, and pretty much sums up how I feel about etsy. 
  • I got an e-mail earlier in the week that one of my photos had been chosen from Flickr for Darius's COLORlovers blog.  This looks like an inspiring resource.  Go check it out.
  • Isn't it fun the Megan and Ashley picked the same yarn for their Fiberlicious Friday posts?  Each has their own beautiful interpretation of the yarn.


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I'm loving the coolness of those shots. If it gets back to being as hot as it was here a few days ago (90s, 90% humidity) I'm going to come back and just gaze at them.

Those bags are just so cute!

I love the yarn! It's beautifully presented with that silver pitcher :D. I also liked the lining on this bag, the pattern would also make a cute dress. I know what you mean by trying to cool off. I have a pool downstairs but I have yet to peel myself from my couch to go use it. That and I don't want to show off to my neighbors what post pregnancy thighs looks like :D.

Yarn as water, whtat a fantastic idea!

It's always a total joy to come and read your blog. Fantastic photos, the yarn looks thirst quenchingly delicious, and the bag, don't get me started on that one. IT's just wonderful!

Your photos are beautiful - I'v added them to my faves over at Flickr.

I really should start lining the knitted bases on my zakka-puches too. Unfortunately, I'm all too familiar with the stretch... :)

I'm really loving fiberlicious fridays-- your take on it is awesome.

Thanks for the link :)

that is such a creative shot with the yarn as water - love it!

What a great fiberlicious picture.

What beautiful photos! So very clever! I got picked for the colourlovers site too but didn't actually know what it was so I haven't posted about it.

for those of us 'can't sew types' we have many droopy bottom bags! Your's is so, sew lovely.

Wonderful fiberlicious photos! And another great bag!

How very refreshed I feel! The spun yarn is beautiful. And I love the pouch. Love it!

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