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Weekend Escape

I took a little drive to Maryland on Saturday.  I didn't mention that I was going on my blog, because things have been so hectic around here lately, I wasn't sure until the last minute if I would be able to pull it off.


I managed to kidnap a couple of friends (blogless) to join me.  We had so much fun, diving into piles of roving, playing with spinning wheels, searching for the perfect spindles and of course, eating.

I only bought enough yarn for one project.  But the same cannot be said for roving.  Piles of the fluffy stuff came home with me. 


Above:  Angora, merino and silk roving, and a lovely new spindle.


Tussah silk - I spun a bit at the hotel on Saturday evening.


Angora and merino, which I have started to spin on my new 1/2 oz. Spindlewood spindle.  Ooooh, I love this spindle.  I have already been to Steve's website looking for another - must have another, a bit heavier, also with a beautiful burled wood.   (Insert sound of coins being saved in a jar here - must find a way to fund the new addiction.)

I purchased quite a bit more which will be making appearances in the next few months, as I get it spun.  Some of  the roving is earmarked for an upcoming project.   Teresa and I both have the goal of spinning yarn to make a shawl.  We'll be starting up a KAL for anyone else who wants to join us.  More information coming soon.


We finished the day drinking wine and spinning our new loot in the hotel.  It was a perfect trip!  (Note the name on the lable of the wine.  You can click for a bigger picture.)

New pattern update:  Every free moment last week was spent working on the pattern for Linea.  I've only got a bit more math to work out and some proof reading, then I'll publish it.  I did manage to get the golf club cover up.  It's in the side bar.


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That's great that you got to go to Maryland! Looks like you made some terrific purchases.

What fun! Great score.

Is Linea going to be big people size too or just kid size? If you charge for the pattern.... new spindle money!

Oh wow, that is some gorgeous wool! I love the colors of the rovings, they look like they're going to be perfect for spinning. I'm excited to see which one you're going to use for the shawl. Oh, I checked out that link for the drop spindles and...wow. I think I have to buy myself a piggy bank now. The square ones caught my eye. :D

Oooh, sounds like you had a fun trip. glad you made it, just so that I would have all that roving to oogle.

Pretty pretty spindles and pretty pretty fiber! I am so sorry to have missed you at the festival!

Very much looking forward to Linea.

I'd be happy for you and your sheepie adventure, but I'm too busy being bitter about living on the wrong side of the country. *L*

Oh yeah - what a wonderful day. Wine and wool go so well together.

How wonderful that you managed to make it down for Sheep and Wool!!! Your fiber and spindles are lovely. I hope to make it to one some day too . . . for now I'm happy that I'll be going to Rhinebeck again in October. :)

That roving looks de-licious. Congrats on the fantastic acquisitions (and for pulling the trip off)!

Ooh, wow. What great spindles and roving. You are going to have lots of fun!

I am so excited for that Linea pattern, can't wait!

That stuff is cotton candy delicious!

I never thought I'd get to go to that festival, but guess what? I made it there too! I was in VA for a family party over the weekend and decided to go there on my way home. It sounds like you had a great time- and your new spindle is beautiful!

Aw, man! It was YOU! I knew I recognized that crazy bird bag, and I couldn't for the life of me remember who it was! Crap! Now I wish I had said something.

Oooo, fantastic fiber-y purchases!!

8 y.o. Leah is eagerly anticipating Linea as a knitting project for herself. But we understand if you're a little distracted by all the new funstuff right now. ;-) Enjoy!

Glad you had a great time. Gorgeous spinning!

I've fallen for spinning too, but am a total beginner. Have ONE spindle and would love to be able to spin a fine yarn, and enough for a real project! ;o) Your loot looks wonderful. Do you own a wheel yet?

So many great colors to spin there...enjoy!!

I love the Dyed in the Wool Savignon Blanc. I love it even more now that is has a screw cap. I can open it myself. http://tincantextiles.blogspot.com/2007_01_01_archive.html under January 10th.

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