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As a lover of plants, the idea of dyeing using natural plant dyes has always been appealing to me.  At MDS&W there was a booth of Navajo spinners and weavers who were selling native vegetal dyes.  I bought a bag of Juniper Mistletoe and a bag of Sagebrush.

Yesterday I pulled out the crockpot and the bag of Sagebrush.  The best part about the process of dyeing with natural dyes is the lovely herbal smell.  Sagebrush is a plant in the Artemisia family, a very aromatic group of plants.  The color's not half bad either.


This yarn is destined to become a pair of socks from one of Cookie's wonderful patterns.  I'm thinking Thelonious.  I've been looking for the right yarn for these socks.  Sagebrush should do the job nicely.


Next up, Juniper Mistletoe.


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That color is gorgeous. Did you have to use a mordant?

Just amazing what those natural dyes can produce: can't wait to see what you come up with next!

How pretty. I love the idea of using natural dyes. So far, I've only dyed with Kool Aid because I have not desire to try chemical dyes.

I wouldn't want to use chemicals either. Altho I've never tried dying. Love the color you got. Will Juniper Mistletoe come out green? Will be back to see. ;-)

That's a beautiful colour.

Really lovely color.

Man, you're speedy... already wound and everything! It's beautiful. I really wanted to be there to see it done. Can I come for the Mistletoe? I promise not to kiss anyone but Smudge...

That is a gorgeous golden buttery yellow. Really lovely!

That color came out lovely! What did you use as your base yarn?

Very pretty!


oh that is just gorgeous.
I have a bunch of natural dyes that I need to try...I can't wait to see the juniper mistletoe!

To answer a few questions:

Carole: I did not use a mordant. I did soak the yarn overnight in a solution of about 2 quarts of water with two tbsp. white vinegar.

Rhonda: I was told that the Juiper Mistletoe would come out a greenish-grey. I can't wait to try it!

Ruth: The Base yarn is Reynolds Soft Sea Wool. It is similar weight and look to Louet Gems, but it is much cheaper and not nearly as soft - although it did soften up after dyeing and rising in Soak.

Gorgeous!You know lots of sage brush grows down here in Texas...

What a beautiful color!! Now I want to try some natural dye.

Wow, so subtle and soft looking...

Oh sage is a wonderful smell. I used to know an Ojibwa man that did healings with sage. He burned it as an incense, it smelled wonderful.

It's interesting that it turned out yellow. Normally sage is green or white. I think you can use pokeberry and that makes like a purplish color.

I love the color! It reminds me of being in the country!

I'm so jealous. I almost bought a bunch of natural dyes at my local fiber event last month, I came home with only cochineal bugs, I wish I had gotten the brazil wood and others. Love it, just love it!!

Oh wow, lovely!

I need to find some sage, oh yum.

You will make some gorgeous socks from that yarn! I love the color!

Very pretty!

very pretty!!!! those will make some amazing thelonious socks!!!

I am so all about the au-naturelle - the dyed yarn turned out beautifully. Can't wait to see it knit up as Theloniuses!

You're a true artist Ms K! Stunning use of colour.

Beautiful. I plan to take a natural dyeing class at my LYS this summer....and now I am even more excited for it.

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