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PED in need of a mate . . .

Pattern:  Made it up as I went along - toe up - short row heel
Yarn:  Lorna's Shepherds Sock
Needles:  Knitpicks Options US #0
Fabulous foot model:  DD#2 - whose feet are really, really long - 9 1/2's baby!

What do you think - do they need a pom-pom?

Gotta go, DH is waiting for me on the golf course.


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Beautiful! No pom pom needed. Would love to have the pattern!

Those are great. So spring-y! And nice feet too.

Yes! Pom poms!!! Make them with both yarns!

No pom-poms!

It's fab on it's own.

The peds do not need pom-poms as an embellishment. They're cute on their own. I think it's up to your personal taste.

love them! hmmm poms would be cute :-) you know what they say about people with big feet...... big socks....

Cute socks! They totally need a pom pom.

Very nice! I love the contrast between the pink & green.

Cute indeed! I used to wear those all the time actually. The pom poms drove me nuts though I never heard any complaints from the cat. Actually those would be perfect for me right now! My feet get so hot with long socks on and without they're like ice cubes (A woman phenomenon so says my husband). These would be a happy medium.

Cute callus free feet too. The last time I had my toe nails painted was by a three year old and boy...do I NOT recommend that! :D

Those are so cute! Just say no to the pompom, though.

I am completely pro pom-pom. Although they already look great. I love the green and brown yarn.

Pink pom-pom, you know you want to!!

I just love your Ped! I don't think it needs a pompom, but it wouldn't look bad with one either....

Love 'em!

Yes! Pom Poms! Love them! I've been thinking of making some of those as well - perfect for summer.

YES!!!! POM POMS!!!! perfect for the golf shoes!

So cute . . . and perfect for the chilly morning air. I'm not a footie person, but found myself casting one on yesterday morning when my toes were cold. I'm making it up as I go too, but mine is just plain stockinette. I don't think that one needs a pom-pom. It's adorable as is. :)

PS: Finished the back of my Tahoe and getting ready to start the fronts. I'm loving your pattern!!

It's very cute! Doesn't need a pompom IMHO.

What a nice selection of complementary colors - they really offset each other nicely. This is a super cute sock! It holds its own, but for the sake of my inner 12-year old, I'd vote for pom poms. I think I always wore pom pom socks with my Tretorns around that age.

I think the sock looks great as is, but I feel like anklets should have poms on them. All of my anklets had the poms when I was a kid. And just the concept of the pom, its makes me smile.

definitely pom pom. and a pattern. :)

i like it as is. very cute little sock.

Although the opinions are mixed, if I were wearing these babies I'd add a pompom. My concern is having the heal slip down while wearing them.
They are really cute, and I would totally wear them....

I just wore my handknit peds yesterday. Mine have a picot edge so no pom-pom, but I think it would great on yours!

they so need a pom-pom!!! all my socks as a kid had them. they are too cute!

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