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On Finding Perfection in a Spindle


Sometimes in life we are lucky enough to find something that is beautiful in both form and function.  It is this merging of art and craft that delights me.  Sadly it is something that is often missing in the world in which we live.  Perhaps it is what draws so many of us to traditional crafts like knitting and spinning.


After returning from MDS&W, I couldn't stop thinking about the spindle I didn't buy.  I had purchased a few spindles already that Saturday, and by the time I got to the booth with the Spindlewoods it was hard to justify one, let alone two more.  So I picked out a sweet 1/2 oz. mini spindle and went on my way.  Days went by and I couldn't stop thinking about how nice that second one would have been.  Something with a little more weight, but not so heavy that I couldn't easily spin lace on it.


"Why not send an e-mail to the good folks at Spindlewood?", I thought.  Perhaps they have a few laying around that they'd like to sell.  When I received a return e-mail from Steve, I realized that not only was I dealing with a talented artisan who cares deeply about making spindles that his customers will adore, but also that here was a man who is such a sweet, kind person that he makes you feel like you are having a friend customize a spindle just for you.  Along with his chatty e-mails he sent photos of whorls for me to choose from.  In the end, the package that arrived in the mail today contained my dream spindle.  Spinning on this glorious object makes the desire to buy a wheel a little less urgent.  It spins forever, yet I am able to spin a very fine, thread-like single.


This my friends is the perfect spindle.  And Steve?  Well lets just say that it is meeting people like Steve that makes me glad that I am a knitter and a spinner.


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Oh wow, that's the one I fell in love with when you first posted your fibers. I checked out his shop today too after I remembered I had bookmarked that same spindle.

You're the second person this week that I've seen with a square spindle! I'm glad you're so happy with it.

It's gorgeous! It almost makes me want to spin - almost that is. I'm drowning under all the knitting I want to do.

I love it! it's gorgeous -- I'm so glad you contacted them. :)

That is one beautiful spindle and lovely yarn you are spinning - inspiring.

It's beautiful! Coming here is like visiting temptation every day. :)

It sounds like you've found quite a treasure there!!! And your spinning is beautiful too. :) Maybe I'll pull out my spindle and books today and try to finally start learning to spin. You've inspired me!

I have to admit to abandoning my spindle when I got reeled in to buying a wheel...but you make it sound so appealing. The spindles I saw at MDS&W were gorgeous, but I didn't understand why I'd need another one. I'm rethinking that now...

I bought a Spindlewood spindle (my first spindle) at a Spinning and Weaving festival last year. It was lovely, but I didn't know much about the company. When I got home and looked up Spindlewood, I decided to send them an email letting them know that I was very pleased to own one of their beautiful peices. Like you, I found that Steve in his communication is a real artist and truly cares about his customers as well as his own work - which is stunning. You're really tempting me with the square spindles now!!! It's beautiful.

That is a beautiful spindle! I haven't touched my Golding in almost 6 months since our baby was born, but this post is getting me itching to start it again!

Those are really stunning photos. And what a beautiful story of appreciation, not just of the spindle, but also of the kind man who made it. Thanks for the lovely post.

That really is one beautiful spindle, and that it functions so well, really adds to it's charm. I glad that the maker is so great too.

how beautiful is that?! i am so happy for you to have your dream spindle. i got the warm fuzzies just reading this post. i can tell you are so pleased with your new treasure.

I would love to see one of these spin...it's so hard to envision a square spindle...but the woods are just beautiful!

Spindle pr0n! Excellent. :D

And there is just something so cool about a square spindle, too!

I think I'm gonna hafta take up spinning just so's I have an excuse to get me one of them BEE-YOO-TEE-FUL spindles! I'm sure if I tell hubby that they are meuc less expensive and take up significantly less room than a spinning wheel he won't mind so much... :)

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