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Rather than the standard eight legs, DD#1's new sea critter has nine.  Therefore, we have named him Nonapus.  He seems to have an insatiable appetite for handspun yarn.


DD#1 designed this little softie herself.  I helped a bit with the pattern making.  She did all of the sewing.


I finished spinning and plying my Pigeon Roof Studio's "Drift" roving.  I love this colorway!!  I was hoping to make socks out of the resulting yarn, but it is a little too heavy.  I'm making a small project bag instead. 


I'm working on getting my spinning a bit finer.  My new Spindlewood is really helping.  I've also taught myself how to draft properly as I spin and that is making a huge difference.  The yarn I am spinning for my shawl for the Spun Stitches KAL is coming along nicely.  Perhaps I'll have something to show in the next few days.


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I don't know if you've ever seen the cartoon TV series "Home Movies," but there is one episode with a song about a seven-legged sea monster named "Septapus." Now I am totally singing it, but with "Nonapus" lyrics instead, lol. Sorry, totally random!
That is some swank-looking yarn you spun up.

Your spinning looks lovely. Love the color.

Such pretty handspun.

What a great Nonapus! I would totally be trying to steal that handspun yarn too!

What a cute nonapus! Triad symmetry--I'm sure the octopi and squid (decapods) of the world are envious.

Lovely colors in your yarn.

Oh my! Someone surely has talent. I tried sewing a skirt once, and I ended up sewing the hem to the elastic waist band.( Maybe unconsciously I like showing off my knees) I'm really impressed though, it's very well done and the design is so cute!

The hand spun is looking beautiful. I'm excited to see what you did for spun stitches. :D

Nonapus is adorable! And your handspun is looking fantastic!

What beautiful yarn! I love the colors. Nonapus is fabulous!

What a cute softie! I love the colorway of the yarn you spun, it's beautiful, and it will make a beautiful bag!

Nonapus is so cute. And your yarn is lovely. You guys sure are one talented family. I don't think there is anything you guys can't do!!

Well now, this yarn looks very professional to me. There is thick yarn out there, and as long as it's even, it's wonderful. The colorway is so lovely! I can't believe you are spinning the yarn for your shawl on a spindle. I'm NO good at this. Go have a look at my blog, if you want to have something to laugh at. Sigh. I hope I'll get finer yarn in my lifetime! ;o)

It looks fantastic! Drift is one of my own favourite colourways.

Love the nonapus!I like things to have odd numbers.I think they are most aesthetically pleasing.(wow!that's a big word.I hope I used in correctly!LOL!)
Love the handspun too.

Nonapus might be one of the most adorable hand made pals ever...you should get him together with Carrie's (Every Word's a Purl) Sludgie the Whale!!

What a fantastic creature! I've always wanted to learn to sew properly. Here's another reason why.

She did such a great job!!

I admire the way you are as a mother. You seem to really spark the creative and intelligent sides of your children. I only hope I can do that when I become a mother. You really inspire me.

That is the most gorgous yarn!! Falling over those colors- off to go bookmark vendor...

Wow, nonapus is SO cool! I love the handspun too, it looks so light & lofty.

I love the yarn! And nonapus's 9th leg. Heehee.

that is some sea creature. he's got a loverly underbelly!
and the yarn has a really great texture to it. i love how the yellow and orange peek out at you! i can think of several things to use it for. great job Kirsten!

What a cute nonapus and lovely yarn!

VERY Cute nonapus! DD#1 should be very proud!
Great job on the spinning!

That yarn's fab! :) I'm in awe of all the clever people who spin their own.

Looks as though you have quite the talented daughter too!

So cute!!

How about that daughter of yours being so talented? What an impressive softie she created!

That yarn you've spun is really lovely - can't wait to see the little bag! And as always, your photographs are stunning.

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