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I've Been Tagged

Christy tagged me for the Seven Random Things About Me me-me. 
I'm a pretty dull gal, so it hasn't been easy coming up with interesting random things, but here goes:

Muttis_house 1.  I love to do cartwheels, always have since I was a little kid.  I used to do them through the house and drive my mom crazy.  Now I still can't resist whenever I see an open field of grass, or that wet strip of sand just where the beach meets the waves.  My girls love it when I do cartwheels.  It cracks them up.

2.  There are a lot of twins in the family.  DD#1 & #2 aren't the only ones.  My sister has twin daughters who are two years younger than mine and my dad is a twin.  Two of my cousins also have twins.  My girls are identical which are not the kind that are inherited, but my dad is a fraternal twin.  I knew I was having twins weeks before the doctor figured it out.  He thought I was crazy when I mentioned it, but I knew my body well enough to know that the second pregnancy was really different than the first. Mutti_rhodie_ferns

3.  DH's family is from India, although he was born in Pittsburgh.  His heritage explains why my children look Italian despite my Northern European roots.   When we are all sitting together on the beach, I am the one with the big hat, the umbrella and the SPF 55 while the rest of them just get browner and more beautiful by the minute.

4.  I've had a hole in one.  This is pretty funny since I am a really bad golfer.  Many dedicated golfers play their whole lives without ever getting one.  This fact is fun to bring up at DH's corporate parties where I earn brownie points with the "big boys".

5.  In college I learned to blow glass.  It is a wonderfully physical process.  There is the heat of those blazing furnaces and the constant spinning of the blowpipe.  I never got very good at it.  I only successfully completed two or three projects.  I'd love to get the chance to try it again someday.Muttis_bunnies

6.  I can't sing.  People beg me to stop whenever I do.  I've always wished I had a great voice.  I'd sing like Ella Fitzgerald in smoky night clubs until the wee hours.  My children are all blessed with lovely voices.  I guess I'll have to live vicariously through them.

7.  One thing that I haven't yet done, but would love to try is Masonry.  I want to build a backyard fireplace.  I envision myself sitting outside by the fire, late at night, looking at the stars and sipping wine.

I'm not going to tag anyone, because I think just about everyone has done this me-me.  If you haven't and you want to, then tag-you're it!

The photos that accompany this post are of my paMuttis_garden_3rent's home and garden.  On Monday the moving van will take away the last of their furniture.  It has been and emotional and grueling process packing up our history.  I feel lucky to have grown up surrounded by so much beauty.  There are so many happy memories in this house.

My parents are both avid gardeners.  My father spent years devoted to his hobby of Rhododendron hybridizing, and my mom still hybridizes daylilies when she has the time.  As an adult, every time I would go to visit them in all but the foulest weather, I would find them in the garden when I arrived.


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1. I've never been able to cartwheels, except once but I was skiing at the time so I don't think it counts.

2. Twins run in my family too. I thought I lucked out when I didn't have them, until my aunt (who had twins) said it was soooo easy. The girls played with each other, had some one to snuggle with at night and were there for each other. Now I'm thinking, DARN! I wish I had twins :D.

LOL, my husbands from Canada. There's no cultural differences really. Except when he says things like Toque and Curling. (Which humorously I thought was a smoking device and weight lifting.)

The flowers are beautiful. Admittedly, I have a black thumb. I got a potted plant from my aunt, and it seriously shed all of it's flowers in one day. I think that was a sign..:D

Ha! I love to do cartwheels too! My kids get such a kick out of it too!
And, I am a terrible singer, but sing all of the time! :)

I can't believe you actually said that you are dull! No one in our family is dull, we are all talented, eccentric, and fun to be around :)

Seriously, the photos are beautiful and really capture the spirit of the family home that we are all sorry to see go. But the new owners are so excited to be getting it, and with young children they will start a new batch of memories and the house will be happy to have the shouts and laughter of a young family again.

I really enjoyed reading your list. So many interesting tidbits! and I am with you on the cartwheels :)

i love this meme -- its such a great way to get to know people.

stop me if I'm wrong -- I'd always thought that identical twins were hereditary (there's something in the genes or DNA or something that causes an already fertilized egg to split) whereas fraternal twins (like me!) are a fluke (two eggs getting fertilized at the same time by two separate sperm). I'm an english and music person, though, so maybe this is just my fuzzy understanding of genetics...

What a beautiful place. And I'm totally with you under the big umbrella.

I love reading all these "random" things about people. If you are dull, then I am a vertiable snoozefest. Special K is a twin, they are really close.I think your family is beautiful! But I am biased.

The part about your kids looking Italian cracked me up. My girls have a friend whose father is Thai and her mother is Italian; she tells everyone she is ThaItalian (say it fast), but looks Native American.

Hope your parents' move goes smoothly. I don't know that I could have been so calm about it in a post.

To Jennie - you are the heredity kind of twin. You could have a set - I think that whole skips a generation stuff is hooey.

Not in the least little bit dull.

India. That's it! I've been wondering, but could not think of a polite way to ask. *L* I find it very interesting to see what families look like and who has what in common. Part of being an only child and from a mixed background, I think.

Good luck with the emotional upheaval of the packing and the move...

My kids' dad is from Morocco and I am 1/2 English, so I hear you with the whole tan offspring/white pastey mama thing!

Beautiful photos! My mother is packing up my grandmother's house because she needed to move to assisted living (she's 96), and I wish I could be there to help. They are 2300 miles away.

I can sing, but I wish I could sing like Ella Fitzgerald. I have a high soprano "happy songbird" (to quote my husband) kind of voice. No bluesy jazz for me!

I hope you have a good weekend.

I can't sing either but that never stops me! The pics are beautiful!

You're not dull! Cartwheels? How athletic. I've never managed one, and at this point I have to say I never will and I'm okay with that! Glass Blowing? That sounds *hot*, yeah, I mean "that" kind of hot! I love to watch glass blowing, how cool that you know how. Singing poorly? Me, too. I knew I was doomed when my son, who loved me best in the world when he was little, would BEG me to stop singing. People literally cringe.

Wow, your parents did have a beautiful garden! It is nice to know that another family will grow up in this beautiful home, but I can imagine the sadness of never visiting there anymore. You'll build memories for your own children also. Twins were in my Mom's side of the family but her Mom & her didn't have any. But they each had 7 & 8 kids. I always wished that I was a twin. I took care of twins for awhile when I was 20 and learned what a lot of work they are ... or maybe it was because they also had a brother & sister and THEY were the real work, LOL. I only gave birth to one ... but I raised 3. And I'm happy to say I have 18 grandchildren. No twins, but plenty of kids! I'm working on my Me me. :-)

Not dull at all! That's the first meme I've read, and with pleasure. I knew it's personal! Lovely pictures!

uh, you wouldn't want me to do a cartwheel. really.
i know how hard it can be when the home you grew up in goes away. i had a hard time for awhile, but some time and some hugs sure helped!
so, here's a hug to at least get you started. oh, and do let me know when that fireplace is done. i love the stars a good merlot!

p.s.glass blowing?! LUCKY! ;)

I've always wanted to learn glass blowing. I love the cartwheel thing.

Glad to know a few more things about you!

I love what your sister wrote in her comment. I also love the fact that you do cartwheels - and can't sing. Me too!!

Cartwheels? How very cool. Never could do them even as a girl.

But, I too have shot a hole in one and have only really played 3 or four rounds of golf. Boy were the folks on the green surprised.

Anything but dull!


Cartwheels? How very cool. Never could do them even as a girl.

But, I too have shot a hole in one and have only really played 3 or four rounds of golf. Boy were the folks on the green surprised.

Anything but dull!


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