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Confessions of an Etsy Junkie

I have the Etsy link located a little too conveniently in my Firefox taskbar.  I spend more time than I care to admit roaming around that little world of temptation.  A month or so back I found Blue Thimble.   When I saw her Bird's Nest Tote I instantly fell in love.   I mean, wouldn't you?  Haven't you?  Just look at it!   


Unfortunately, the tote was in the "sold items" section.  But that's nothing a quick note to the seller couldn't fix.  Allison responded very quickly and said she'd custom make the tote for me.  She was so friendly and kind to work with, not to mention a perfectionist.  When her new shipment of canvas bags didn't take the dye in the same way as those she'd had in the past, she began experimenting. All the while she kept me informed, until she was able to print  in a way that met her strict standards.  The result is my wondeful new tote.


The plan is was to keep my spinning in it.  The only problem?  After the photo shoot, DD#2 asked if she may use it for her book bag for the rest of the school year.  Sigh.  She looks so darn cute carrying it - and she is always such a cooperative model.    What's a mother to do?


Did you notice the just-off-the-needles Fetchings?  Yes, I jumped on that band wagon.  I was one of the few who hadn't knit this pattern yet.  When I found a single skein of Koigu Kersti in the sale bin at Purl last week I knew my time had come.   Everything you've heard about this pattern is true.  It is so very quick.



Pattern:  Fetching
Yarn:  Koigu Kersti, Color K521
Needles:  Addi Lace US #6, magic looped - those pointy tips work great for cabling without a cable needle

Etc:  I was able to get stitch gauge with the Kersti, but my row gauge was a little off.  Since I wasn't sure if I'd run out of yarn, (I only had the one skein from the sale bin) I knit per the pattern instructions. In the end I had extra yarn.  Next time I'd probably knit an extra row between each cable and two to three extra rows before binding off.  They are a little skimpy, but not enough to rip out and make the adjustments.  I'm on to other projects and DD#2 is happy with them just as they are.


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Oh wow, I love the little birdie tote! Those are fantastic works of art, having original things like that are wonderful specially if they're handmade.

Leave it to daughters to bat their pretty eyelashes and ask for something, definitely a mother's kryptonite. I haven't been able to knit myself anything let alone have my own glass of ice tea since 2002. Feel assured that one day, they'll have children of their own.

What cute bag! Lucky girl...so kind of you to share. Fetching fetchings...it's such a fun patter. Love those greens.

The birdie bag is cute and unique!

Yes, Fetching is one satisfying pattern, that's for sure! Yours look great in the Kersti.

What an adorable bag!

And great Fetching mitts! Isn't it nice here on this bandwagon? There are so many of us, how can you not enjoy it?

What a cute bag. Your fetching are very nice! It's hard not to give stuff to you daughter when she asks you so sweetly.

That is such a wonderful tote that I would be hard pressed to give it away. But then again what I wouldn't do for a model like that. Modelling you knitting on your self makes it really hard to get good photos. And yours are always so professional.

The tote bag is awesome! I don't blame your daughter for wanting to keep it.

That tote is so cute. I find myself browsing through Etsy more and more often myself. I'd rather buy things there than from a department store. Your Fetchings came out great too. :)

cute tote - I bookmarked her site as there are a few there I'd love to have!

I love etsy! It's addictive and too much fun. I really like the tote too (very generous of you to loan it out for the rest of the school year!). Great fetchings, I think the pattern is so easy and they knit up so quick, and if you daughter likes them, everything is sunny!

The bag DOES suit her (as do the mitts). You're a good mama, K.

First off, your daughter rocks the handmade hard. Secondly, thanks A LOT (irony detected?) for adding to my Etsy favorites.

I am in love with Etsy, also. Have you discovered Fearless Fibers there? Gorgeous, reasonable sock yarn.

What a smashing pair the tote and the fetchings make! I can definitely see why DD2 wants that tote for herself. I'll be stalking that Etsy store, now too! And the Kersti makes great fetchings--nice to see some colorful ones (after ALL of the monochromatic ones that are floating around...)


Fetching looks great. Cute bag too.

Man, that bag is so cute - and yours for such a short time, it goes so well with the pretty fetching.

I love etsy a bit too much too - many an hour has been spent wasted looking at things that I won't allow myself to buy :)

fabulous bag!! I have not gone into the depths of etsy for fear i will truly never return. I love the Kersti fetchings! I must make some :-)

Love the bag and the fetching!!!

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