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Twins Separated at Birth?

As I mentioned last week, Olga and I turn 45 this week.  I have to pause here to point out that she is older than me for the next 5 days.  Today is Olga's birthday, mine is Saturday.   Happy Birthday Olga!

We've decided a contest will help ease the pain for us a bit.

The rules are simple.  All you have to do is identify who is who in the baby photos.  All of those who are correct will be entered in a random drawing.   We'll pick two names out of a hat.  The prizes of course are yarn & treats.  You are welcome to enter on both of our blogs.  We'll run the contest through 11:59 pm (EST) on Saturday the 14th.

Baby #1


Baby #2



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As I told your " twin" on her blog today is my 43rd Birthday and I guessed the bottom picture was her - now should I follow through and say the top picture is you??? Or cover my bases and say the bottom picture is you???

I am no good at guessing so I will just say Happy Birthday you gorgeous babes!
Okay you twisted my arm-I will say the bottom one looks an awful lot like 2 DDs posted quite frequently here.#2 has to be you!

Picture #1 is you, dahlin'.

Is that a LAMB cake?!?! How fantastic! Beautiful babies!

Happy Birthday!!!

I'm going to guess the bottom one is you and the top is Olga :)

I've decided, for no reason at all, that number 1 is you (a LAMB cake? that's awesome!)

Well, I'm glad to meet you, via Olga. I've looked about a bit and your knitting is awesome, by the way and so is your color sense. The sewn toys are just jaw-dropping, though. So, happy birthday! [You share a birthday with my youngest brother.] I'm going to guess you're the top picture. Cake and champagne all around!

Hello, I've enjoyed reading your blog and looking at your beautiful knits! Hope you have a wonderful b-day. I'm going to guess baby #2 is you!

Ah, my b-day is Sunday! Happy Birthday!

I have no idea on the pics, though I'll make a guess - you are 1 and Olga is 2?!?!?

What a terrific idea for a contest!!! I'll guess that you are Baby 1 and Olga is Baby 2. Happy birthday to you both!!

As my eye randomly scanned through the comments, I saw lots of guesses for #1, so here I'm going to guess you're #2!

Happy Birthday!

I think you're the baby on the top!

Happy Birthday! I'm going to say you're Baby #1.

Hi, my name is Beth. I dont have my own blog yet, but i am an avid reader of yours, through the loops. I truly enjoy reading it! Anyway, i think you are the one on top. since i dont have a blog, my email address is bluerainsbj@hotmail.com.

Happy, Happy in advance...

Gonna have to go with Photo 2 as you...which means Olga is No. 1...

Wild guesses I assure you...

Yay for celebrating birthdays!! What a fun idea. I am going to say that you are the baby in the second picture. I can not wait to read about all the ways you celebrate you!

Yay for celebrating birthdays!! What a fun idea. I am going to say that you are the baby in the second picture. I can not wait to read about all the ways you celebrate you!

That's not easy. I guess you are cute Baby # 1. Happy Birthday, Kirsten!

I remember when you came home from the hospital. I was pretty impressed, especially when Mom let me hold you.

Of course, it didn't take long for the excitement to wear off and for you to become a pest :P

Just kidding! Of course I can't vote, but I do want to say Happy Birthday to my little sis and that you are just as beautiful now as you were then, and I am still very impressed :)

I want to play just for fun, even though I have very little to go on aside from cheating by reading other peoples' comments. :) Okay, I'll guess the bottom picture is you. I do have lust in my heart for that lamb cake though, which complicates matters for no good reason.

Clearly you are baby #1! Happy Birthday, girls!

Happy Birthday! I think you are the bottom photo.

First of all Happy Birthday! I would say you are picture #2 and Olga is #1. I had a birthday cake just like the one in the picture for my 1st BD but that was 55 years ago!

I'm quite sure the bottom one is you. I'm less sure of exactly WHY I'm so sure of this...

Happy Birthday!

Happy Almost-Birthday to you!!
Top photo is definitely you and the bottom is most certainly Olga. (I say this in the most determined way, having never seen either of you in real life).

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