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Thank You Barbara Walker

I enjoy checking in on the Walker Treasury Project.   I own BW's Second Treasury, and turn to it all the time for stitch patterns.  The Walker Treasury Project is such a brilliant idea.  It is so helpful and inspiring to see those beautiful color photos of stitch patterns.


Being the visual sort, I find it much easier to graph the patterns before I knit them.  All of those, "row 1: k1, yo, k2tog, yo, k3, yo, k2tog. . . "  instructions make me dizzy.  I could never. never. never. knit lace that way.  When I find a pattern I like I put it in my handy-dandy Moleskine grid notebook.  A few rows into knitting I am usually able to see the pattern clearly enough to dispense with the chart.  Then it is just the lovely flow of the pattern.


This stitch is the "Gothic Leaf" from BW's Second.  I knit it on US size 6 Addi Lace needles.  The yarn?  Oh the yarn, lets talk about the yarn. . . mmmmm.  It is Jade Sapphire, 2-ply Mongolian Cashmere, colorway Tourmaline #71, purchased on a whim at Purl a few months back.  One of the women working at Purl was wearing a gorgeous green scarf knit from the stuff.  Once I saw how hers had bloomed, I just couldn't stop myself.  This yarn isn't cheap, but from one skein I was able to get a scarf that is 6" x 66", and still have a nice bit leftover.


The fabric is so light and airy that it will make a fine spring scarf.  It was all I could do to keep DD#1 from trotting off to school with it today.   I have been loving the Chevron photos I've seen of scarves being worn as head wraps.  So, we took a few shots that way.  Although it's not a Chevron, it makes a nice wrap.  Also, it certainly helps to tame DD#1's unruly tresses.


I think I'll check in with the hosts of the Walker Treasury Project and see if they've had anyone knit this pattern yet.  Otherwise I'll submit photos of mine.  (Just checked, they've already got it.)


Using a random number generator I've chosen one more winner from my blogiversary contest.  Jennie, who was the 19th comment on the post will be getting some yarn in the mail.  Thanks again for all of the kind and supportive blogiversary wishes.


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it's funny how her 2nd treasury has written out directions, but yet the others have charted....very weird. I can't stand written out ones - I do the same thing and convert them.

This is so beautiful! I haven't actually seen that stitch before. The scarf looks like you'd want to rub it on your face, and the color is just perfect. Nice job!

It's beautiful and perfect for spring!

That is so pretty. The color is just gorgeous, I can't get enough of it!

I just got the BW 2nd and 4th books for my b'day! The mind boggles!

girlontherocks.com/knit/blog/ is having a small contest for Barbara Walker Project swatches knit from the mosaic book. Or maybe it's just mosaic swatches. Check it out!

How perfectly springy!

It's gorgeous and does work as a headwrap. So pretty for Spring!

Wow--that scarf is truly inspiring! Such a beaut...

Thanks for the heads up on that site - tres cool. That scarf is very pretty btw.

The scarf is gorgeous. It does look very light and airy.... perfect for spring. Nice color, too!

Ooo I love it! =)

oh the scarf gorgeous! I love the color and your daughter looks too cute using it as a head band.

So very, very beautiful in every possible way.

Also, thank you for the Moleskine idea. Being a complete nerd, I live for tips like this (i.e., excuses to buy more office supplies).

That is a beautiful scarf!!!! I have been debating on purchasing that yarn and now I just have to buy it!!

That is gorgeous! I love the stitch pattern, but I especially love the color!

Happy anniversary! Glad to see that you are still producing lovely pictures and projects!

Oooh, beautiful! and cashmere! mmm

It's beautiful. I need to look that stitch up...it has a similar style to a pattern that I have for a "Vintage Lace Shawl." Unfortunately, my pattern is full of errors (starting on the first line). Now I'm thinking that I could use this stitch to achieve a similar look.

The scarf looks so lovely, soft, and "springy". It looks like a joy to wear.

Beautiful scarf/head wrap, and lovely young model!
Wonderful pics of your FO.
Happy knitting,

Beautiful scarf and daughter! Must go find my copy of BW#2--that's a pretty lace!

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