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Sunday Sky

If anyone ever tries to tell you that New Jersey is an ugly state, show them this photo.


It was the perfect combination of sun and rain to create not one, but two stunning rainbows.  They each formed a complete arch across the sky.

Thank you for all of the kind blogiversary wishes.  I am trying to write back to everyone individually, but the week has gotten away from me.  Vicki was my 2,000th commenter.  (I hit that number on my blogiversary!)  I've already sent a package off to her.  So many of you commented that  I've decided to draw another name randomly and send out another package.  I'll let you know who that lucky winner is tomorrow.

This week I plan to finally write up the pattern for Linea as well as the golf club cover.  Thanks for your patience!


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That's a wonderful photo!

That really is a gorgeous photo. I can just imagine a whole series done from that same vantage point.

What a stunning photo!

That is a great photo! It is obvious you don't live in the ugly part, lol. Unfortunately, people say NJ is ugly when really it is just a small section in the sort of north-east part of the state, by NYC. Most of NJ is beautiful! Too bad I live in the less-than-beautiful part!

You have a stunning view no matter what the season. But that picture is really a winner! Absolutely amazing.

OMG . . . we were just commenting at dinner tonight that if all people ever saw of New Jersey was Newark when they connected or touched down, no one would ever missing as it can be such a beautiful state. Thanks for that confirmation!

Oh my, isn't that beautiful! I haven't seen a rainbow in quite some time, isn't that sad? Last time I saw one was almost 8 years ago.

Beautiful sky!!

Congrats to Vicki!!

That's a gorgeous New Jersey photo!

What a great picture to see just before going to bed. Perhaps I'll dream of a pot of gold! Congrats to Vicki and congrats to you too for having such a great blog!

Beautiful landscape. (And you were complaining that you can't take photos!)

Gorgeous photo!

What a gorgeous photo! Thank you for sharing.

Really great picture! I have never been there before but it sure makes me want to visit!

That is gorgeous!

Oh wow. On a frankly capitalist note, you should sell that to the NJ board of Tourism or whatsit. It is AWESOME.

I read your blog through Google Reader, but I clicked through today specifically to suggest contacting the State of New Jersey tourism organization to show them your picture. I see Wendy already made the same suggestion. That pic is simply glorious and I can imagine it on the cover of those books the travel and tourism organizations print each year.

What a terrific photo! New Jersey is very pretty - I've always wondered why it gets such a bad wrap. The area where Pea lived was wonderful and we still miss it sometimes. (although I'm beyond thrilled that he moved back to me in CT). Hope things start to settle down for you - hang in there!!

Beautiful! So much different than my NJ landscape. I LOVE NJ!!!

there's something about two rainbows... i drove under a double-rainbow on a road trip once, and it just seemed to make the whole trip better.

Anyone who says NJ is ugly obviously has never been there. Were it not for the property taxes and car insurance rates, I would convince my DH to move back to my homestate. But I still visit once a week to see my dad and brother.

And nothing is better than Ocean City on a warm summer's night...

Your photo really does look like a painting. Amazing.

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