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The thing is. . .

It is time that Olga and I reveal the answer as to which baby was who in last week's contest.  We have agreed to post our "now" photo alongside our baby photo.

I am happy to take photos of my kids or my knitting all day long.  But a photo of myself?  That is a whole different story.  I do not photograph well.  This is not a plea for compliments.  I am stating a simple truth.  Circumstances today conspired against my best attempts.  There was the studio-esque set up in the living room - too up-tight and the lighting, really awful.  Then there were more casual poses in the kitchen - more relaxed yes, but the lighting was even worse.  So I decided to brave the elements.  East coasters living anywhere from the Mid Atlantic on up will know about the conditions outside today - a little snow and freezing rain along with gusts of gale force winds.  Quite a funny idea, to think that I alone, equipped with a tripod and my little point-and-shoot camera - self timer set, would succeed at this mission.  I've decided that the best I can offer you pretty much sums up what was happening during this photo shoot.  At least I am laughing in this photo and not swearing.  No, my hair does not normally stand straight up like that.  DS says I look scary in this photo and worriedly asked if people who read my blog have ever seen what I really look like!


As a baby I photographed slightly better, especially when there was a particularly enticing lamb cake in front of me.  Clearly my mom and aunts were introducing a love of fiber early on.


I picked a name out of a hat from all of those who guessed correctly.  The winner of my birthday contest is Carole of Carole Knits.  She is a very generous blogger, so it thrills me to get the chance to spoil her.  Olga also chose a winner, so go check out her blog to see who won there.

Thank you to everyone for the warm birthday wishes.  It was wonderful to hear from regular readers, lurkers who "de-lurked" and new readers who came over from Olga's.  Tomorrow I hope to have better light so that I can do justice to some lovely goodies that a few friends sent.


In closing, a little tidbit heard in my kitchen yesterday:

DS (to his sisters):  When I was your age, Pluto was a planet!


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Ha! I think that's a great photo.

Love what you've done with your hair, dahlin! Thanks for picking me, I'm thrilled.

Trust me, that is a glamour shot compared to Lola's pictures. She always looks drunk or high or BOTH in her pictures. You look lovely in this god-forsaken weather we have now. What is up with the rain/snow/crap? Did your lovelies have school today? Our whole county was out which means school until the 10th of June now.

Ha, I think that's a great picture! I take such awful pics, I've given up trying.

You look like you're having a lot of fun! I take awful photos, so bad my DH has agreed not to take candid shots of me anymore.

You look great (and windswept!) in the photo. I love DS's comment! :)

YAY!!! I love your picture. It's wonderful. Good luck on the winds abating, and happy birthday again. :)

you look like you are having a great time not scary at all ;)

you look like you are having a great time not scary at all ;)

What a great picture! Fun stuff! I hope the birthday was a happy one!

I love it!Is that the latest do from Miami?
Happy belated!

DS's comment is just too funny! I'm a Science teacher, so I find Pluto's "demotion" sad, but justifiable. Kid are hilarious!

Love the pic, super hilarious!!

Happy happy birthday! I think that picture is fantastic - you look so happy!

I really like that photo. You look very happy.

She won another contest!?!? You are so damn cute!!

That picture is fantastic - looks like you were having fun, whatever it was making your hair stand on end :)

Great photo! And I guessed wrong! Happy birthday!

That's a BEAUTIFUL scenery behind you! Don't worry, I was told by my step-father I'm not photogenic and constantly look like I'm grimacing. It is true..I've seen it, and then immediately delete it...thank goodness for digital cameras. They help to eliminate the wayward embarrassing photo that would pop up unexpectedly.

I think you take very nice pictures. It has personality, nice lighting and that sudden gush of wind. Think of yourself as Marilyn, but you were smart and wore pants. :D

Ah this wind! It was wild and crazy here too. You are cute! :)

Well, I think that's a cute photo!

AHhh!! Good old pluto.:P

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