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One Year

Today is my first blogiversary.


It has been an amazing year.  I've met some smart, funny, kind, generous and creative people.  Thank you to everyone who has been reading, commenting and keeping me inspired and motivated.


Last night it occurred to me that I should have a wonderful new finished object to help celebrate.
But, I'd spent the entire day playing tennis and golf and generally enjoying the beautiful weather.
So I did the only logical thing.
I made a sock for my King Cobra driver.
This is a big club and it deserves a flashy cover.


Cobra Cover

Pattern:  My own, if there is any interest I will write the pattern up.  I just don't know how many other knitting golfers are out there.   Added 5/2/07:  The pattern is now up in my sidebar.  Enjoy!

Yarn:  Laines Du Nord, Dolly Maxi 100% Superwash Merino - purchased from Elann about two years ago.  Sorry, I've lost the tags and can't be sure of the colors.

Needles:  US size 9  Knitpicks options - one pair, magic looped

I call this club my grapefruit, because that pretty accurately describes the size of the club head.  Naturally I choose the yarn in my stash that was as close to grapefruit colored as I could.  Then I just knit and had fun with pattern.

Thanks again for a great first year of blogging!


PS  I'm really close to my 2000th comment.   I will no doubt send yarn to whoever crosses that milestone for me. . .


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Happy blogiversary! I enjoy your blog so much, and appreciate your pictures, stories, and insights!

Happy Blogiversary!I love your stories and patterns.So glad we were sockret pals!

I don't golf and I don't know anyone who does (well, except you) but I think that club cover is adorable. I guess this means you had a good day of golfing and tennis yesterday.
Happy Blogiversary!

Happy blogiversary!

Happy Blogiversary!

Congrats on your blogiversary!! Your blog is absolutely wonderful, and inspired me to start my own. My attempt does not come close to your good blogginess, but one day I can hope to be half as gifted. I hope you enjoyed a beautiful day golfing :)

Congrats! what a great way to celebrate!! :)

happy blogiversary! i don't golf, but my dad does, and i'd love to have the pattern!!!

Cute club cover!! And Happy Blogiversary. I'm a fairly new reader and fellow jerseyan.

Really like the knitted golf cover. I can remember knitting some for a friend years ago. I have a very old pattern somewhere...

Congrats on your first blogversary!!!!

I've really enjoyed your contributions to knitblogland in the past year. I love your designs, your photography, everything. Congratulations and happy blogging.

Happy Blogiversary! I really enjoy your blog and I just cast on your Sunkist Cardi so thank you for that too!

Oooohh..cool stuff. If only I played golf. I tried it once in high school, but I was hitting more grass than I was and balls. But I do play a mean game of badminton.

Happy first year! Oh and like 4 days off from my birthday. It's really a week to celebrate!

What a great cover! Congrat's on your anniversary and so close to your birthday! Make sure your blog buys you a present for each - no slacking! haha
My husband worked golf maintenance for 15 years before we moved to CO. I'd like to make a cover for his clubs but it'd just gather dust along with the clubs in the garage!

Happy Blogiversary! I found your blog a few months ago (sorry, I don't remember how) and have really enjoyed your posts.

Happy Blogiversary! I found your blog a few months ago (sorry, I don't remember how) and have really enjoyed your posts.

Oh man, I love that club cover's giddiness. Happy blogiversary!

Happy Blogiversary! I've been reading your blog for a few months, and I'm constantly inspired by your lovely knitting, pictures, and writing.

And have fun sporting your new club cozy!

Happy bloggin'-versary. hmmm trying to be different. Now I look like I can't spell. Oh well.
Oh and cute sock for the driver. :)

Happy 1 year! Well my husband's a golfer, and if I were to knit him club covers he might be more inclined to let me spend more on yarn, ya think?!

Happy Blogiversary! Love your blog!

Happy blogiversary! My father keeps bugging me to make him head covers. And doesn't seem to get that blankets for new babies in the family will take priority to me giving wool up to his clubs...

Oh, happy 'versary! I like the driver cover, but I was thinking it would also make a really cute newborn hat. ;)

Happy Blogiversary! And what a cool club cover!

Happy Blogiversary! I would love to knit a cover for my husband, the golfer, but he won't hear of it, the spoilsport! if i ever get back into it myself you know I'm going to have the best knitted covers on the course!

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