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I think I have mentioned in the past that before I had this knitting obsession I had a passion for plants.
I would start pouring over plant and seed catalogs in January, placing orders in February and March, and by early April the hunt would be in full swing.  I knew every local and not-so-local nursery.  I remember many spring days driving home with every available inch of the car packed with perennials, shrubs and trees, my girls in their car seats, little faces peering out from between the foliage.  They loved it, riding home inside a mobile garden.  My neighbors knew me as the crazy one who would go outside, a baby strapped to her back and trim the roses. 

As I learned more, my taste in plants became more sophisticated.  Just as knitters quickly outgrow the flashy allure of novelty yarns, I began to loose interest in the garish flats of annuals that fill neighborhood garden centers.  I started to see the diverse beauty in foliage.  I loved the variety of color, texture and form I found in leaves. 



Lolly has appropriately assigned green as one of the colors for April and May.  As we watch the leaves and plants emerge, we can appreciate the spectrum of greens that nature presents.  In photographing my two scarves today I was struck by how these two projects, so similar on the surface - both long, narrow, green, lace scarves, are as different as the leaves of two families of plants.  One is the vibrant yellow-green of spring grass ablaze with dandelions, its handspun yarn and textured stitch pattern giving it a lively rugged feel.  The other is the soothing blue-green of newly emerged lambs ears*, the downy-soft, hand dyed cashmere adding to the refined effect.



I still love plants and try to find time to tend my gardens.   But the knitting now must be given equal time.  The ideas that get me excited about both endeavors are, in the end, so much alike.

*Since most who read this are knitters I must point out that I am referring to the silvery ground-hugging plant and not the fiber animal that we all love so well!


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I'm so envious! I have been know to kill cactus. We are trying to grow a little garden with the kids this year and so far so good. We've got green beans, tomatoes, and sunflowers. The peppers and bell peppers didn't come up. How long have you been knitting?

Lovely Hellebores...

Love the photographs!

Lovely flowers and knitting, too! My plans have to be able to fend for themselves!

Beautifully shot images! The coloring of my thumb will never be mistake for green.

When I was younger my mother had raised beds out in the yard where she tried to grow veggies. It didn't work so well since the deer liked to come at night and pull up all of our plants. All we got was a small handful of tomatoes (apparently deer don't like tomato plants.) and a couple of asparagus.

Your flowers are gorgeous by the way. I love flowers, but they don't grow for me. I can actually here them in the store saying, "Quick she's coming, look wilted and pathetic. Whew..that was a close call!"

Oh I love Lamb's Ears ... would you believe I planned to plant some this year? The silver green & the texture is just what I need to add this year in the front garden along the walk. This is the time to work in the yard so that I can sit & knit & watch my garden grow the rest of the Summer. I bet your's is beautiful!

Beautiful greens!

LOVE the pictures with the flowers!

I'm so glad you defined that last one - I really am clueless when it comes to plants!! Love the photos.

Beautiful photos and great post! Wouldn't the colors in the Hellebores (both the greens and the reds) make an interesting varigated yarn.

Beautiful scarves! One of the hardest things about moving to a new country was having to leave our (very large) cacti collection behind. I loved starting my day with my coffee on the back patio looking at all the new flowers. We haven't been motivated to really start again since we know we won't be here for long, but your post has reminded me of the joy of gardening for its own sake.

that scarf does look like lambs ears - that soft fuzzy greenness.....

I planted some flowers and vegetables yesterday. I know nothing about plants so I am praying they will live.

I have a side yard that is very tiny, and would be a potentially gorgeous garden. My beloved cat was buried there and I am searching for a stone appropriate for a marker, and I would love him to be surrounded by lush beautiful flowers with a bench for me to sit and be near.

How did you learn so much about gardening?

We went for a nature walk yesterday and my little ones were fascinated with all te lambs ears...
Beautiful scarves,
happy knitting,

Lovely flowers. I love the garden even though I am not so good at it.

Great knitting you have going on there too!!

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