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When LaVerna sent the birthday package I showed yesterday, she included a small sample of Merino Bamboo roving that Funky Carolina had included in her order.  I spun it yesterday.  I'm hooked.  This yarn is lusciously soft with a subtle sheen.  I must get more, but I must resist.  The roving stash is starting to take over in the same way the yarn has.

There are only about 10 yards here.  The big question is do I want to knit something with this or just enjoy it for what it is?


I've got another FO.  These were so close to being done for a long time.  I finally decided to finish them off while we watched Planet Earth the other night.


The thing about Socks That Rock is that if you get bored with the cables and only make the legs of your socks 4" long, you end up with enough yarn for another pair.  So much for stash busting.


Cable Socks

Knit cuff down, 54 stitches, 4 stitch cable, eye of partridge heel
Socks That Rock Mediumweight 'Chanticleer'
Addi Turbos US#3

I've added a new pattern to my sidebar.  It's the scarf I made for my blogless friend Susan back in February.  I blogged about it here.  I'm calling it the Rickenbacker Scarf, since that's the bass that I posed the scarf with for the photo shoot.  The juxtaposition of the sugary sweet scarf with this classic rocker bass just works for me.

Tomorrow I drive with my parents to NC, where they will be re-locating.  It's going to be a difficult time for me.  I'm so spoiled by having lived so close to them for so many years.  I'll really miss them.  The move should be for the best for them.  My sister lives there, she has lots of connections in the medical field in the area where they will live.  She knows how to get the kind of care that my father needs.


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Thanks for sharing the pattern. I've downloaded it for my list of 'one-day' scarves.

My thoughts will be with you tomorrow. I know that even though it's best for them, it's still very hard for you. Have a safe trip and I'll check in when you get back.

Your spindle spinning is fabulous -- I spun with my spindles the other night and really enjoyed it! And I'll check out the scarf -- thanks!

Your socks are really cute and that yarn is so pretty.

What beautiful handspun, I would just admire it; but, I can be not-so-practical sometimes. And really, who is going to argue with 2 pairs of sock from a skein of yarn? I hope you have a safe trip tomorrow.

Love the bamboo! You should send it to me. ;^)

Sounds like the move will be for the best. Even though, that doesn't make it easier on you. I'll be thinking about ya'll. *hugs*

The socks are wonderful. I know it will be hard to be away from you parents. Knowing it's for the best is small consolation, I'm sure.

Girl, you've got enough patterns to be thinking "book" I'd say!

Have a safe trip to NC. It's always hard when you have to be far from family, but at least NC is a quick flight away...

I wish the best for your parents--I really hope the new location will be good for them. I'm sorry you'll be missing them though. Wish I could send you hugs.

The merino-bamboo looks yummy! Transitions are so hard, I feel for you and your parents -- I'm sure they will be missing you as much as you miss them. Best of everything for you all.

The bamboo is gorgeous!You could use it as a trim for something.Or just keep it close to pet.That's what I would do!

ooo..That stuff looks wonderful. Merino silk is something you might enjoy. I have a bunch of smaller hanks of yarn like that. What I'm going to do with it, I'm not sure. You could make coasters, or use them to piece together a afghan. Or, if you have enough you could knit a longer rectangle and use a piece of fabric to line it with, then sew it into a pocket book. Just some ideas. :)

Sorry to hear about your parents, at least they'll be in someplace warmer than I am. I'm in Minnesota. All I have here is Winter, road construction and Viking fans.

Love those ankle socks, completely cute!

I'm sorry to hear about your parents' move. It *is* nice to have family (that you like) nearby. Good luck!

I looked at your post and said, hey, I've got that yarn! It's so funny to see what someone else has done with the same yarn. I love my Chanticleer's, they were my Thanksgiving knit last fall and carry the memory of turkey with them!
I've been faced with the small amount of lovely handspun problem lately...what I've done is use it in a hat with another yarn (I used Morehouse Merino white with some handspun BFL, but you get the idea). I didn't have enough to make an entire project, but it's enough to make the project much more special.
Sounds like your parents move is another chapter. I haven't lived near any of my family and it's definitely something I could use sometimes. I long for the easy familiarity of family, and the help that I could get, but there are trade-offs.

Love the socks. I'm thinking to CO for the Ampersand pattern today...

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