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As Promised

Modeled photos of DD#2's new beach cover-up.








Pattern:  Lacy Dress from Rebecca #31 - sans sleeves
Yarn:  100% cotton purchased at School Products a few years ago
Needles:  Knitpicks Options, US 7

Location:  Any guesses?

Lace weight cashmere makes excellent beach knitting.


It's not too late to enter yesterday's contest, you have until 11:59 EDT, Saturday the 14th.


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Too cute!

I was gonna say - DEFINITELY NOT the Jersey Shore. ;-)

The dress is super cute.

Oh wow, this dress is awesome! I LOVE the color and the pattern! Your girls are so lucky! How much yarn did you use?

What a great dress! It looks awesome, I really like the colors--very spring/summery! Everyone looks so warm and happy....you are probably not in the Northeast...

That sure ain't New Jersey. I'm going with sunny Florida, Miami perhaps?

That dress is gorgeous.

Wow! That's gorgeous! I love the color and the pattern. It looks just darling.

I have no idea where you are though. Kinda looks like Florida. I DO know that it's a lot nicer than where I'm at...and a LOT warmer! I'm sitting here in a dorky pink sweater with the heater on.

That is a fantastic cover up!

How pretty! I have no idea where you are but I wish I was there too!

Niiiiice! That came out pretty awesome!

That dress is beautiful! How lucky your daughter is!

Love it, the colors are so pretty!

Awesome! It came out beautifully!

Wow, is that beautiful, with the photos to match. I would never have guessed school products. Did you dye it yourself?

Looks like Miami Beach, perhaps. What a gorgeous dress, beautiful yarn and beautiful job!

What a beautiful cover up! I would love one for myself (even though I am quite far from any beaches!)

That is SO sweet! I'll guess Naples FLA.

A beautiful dress and a beautiful model.

It looks even more beautiful on DD#2! And I can't even guess at a place that warm right now.

Just stunning! Both the dress and the daughter.

That dress looks awesome!

I just finished making a Sunkist Cardi, and I wanted to thank you for offering this wonderful free pattern. It a fun knit!

The dress is so cute. Would love to make one for myself for my annual trip to Cancun in November. The location looks like Siesta Key in Sarasota, FL.

Oh I love it and it looks so perfect on her!

So great and put to good use. I would also guess Florida or maybe Myrtle Beach...but I don't think the water temp is nice enough yet in SC to go splashing around...so I'll stick with the Florida guess.

The dress is really great! I love the colors. I never would have guessed that cashmere made great beach knitting, but that looks beautiful, too.

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