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Yeah Mom, I'll model your mitts. But, I don't have to like it. . .

Wow!!!  Thank you, thank you!  You are all so nice!!  Thanks for all of  the kind comments and e-mails on my pattern in Knitty.  I am very excited about having my pattern accepted.  I must say, it does make one feel a bit vulnerable;  "Will they like it?", "Did I make any major errors in my pattern writing?"  Your words of support really help!  I had over 900 hits on my blog yesterday!  Yikes, I may be hearing from Typepad about my bandwidth usage . . .

On to my latest FO.


DD #2 is not a morning person.


She loves the new mitts though.


They made for some fine train knitting on my trip to DC this week.


I love train rides.


The mitts are based on the Chevron Scarf pattern from Last Minute Knitted Gifts.



Chevron Mitts, based on Chevron Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts.  There is a great Flickr group for the scarf here.  I cheated and added my mitts to the scarf group.

Yarn:  Socks That Rock, medium weight in Farmhouse and Lemongrass.

Needles:  US size 4, I started on DPN's, but switched to magic loop for the train ride.  It's just too risky to knit with DPNs on a train.  Dropping one would mean crawling on the train floor under the feet of business travelers and college students.

If you want to make a pair yourself: 
Cast on 48 stitches, and work in the round using the stitch pattern from the book.  (I don't feel comfortable giving the stitch pattern here because of copyright laws.  The book is worth buying anyway.)  I began by purling the first 4 rounds.  Since you'll be working in the round, knit all of the rows that are purled in the pattern.  In round 3 of the 5th pattern repeat, begin increasing for thumb.  I placed my increases between the 4th and 5th kf&b, (note that this was not a patterning round, I just refer to it this way to give an idea of placement.) Do not knit the pattern on the thumb stitches.  Increase on alternate rounds.  I increased until there were 16 stitches for my thumb gusset, then placed the thumb stitches on a scrap of yarn.  Continue working the original 48 stitches in the round for 4 more repeats.  Work the first three rounds of the pattern one more time, purl 3 rounds and bind off loosely.  Place thumb stitches back on needle, pick up and knit 6 more stitches in the "gap", join and knit two rows of each color for 6 rounds, purl 3 rounds and bind off loosely.

That about does it.  I hope those instructions make sense. 

Thanks again for all of your wonderful, supportive comments and e-mails on my Knitty pattern!


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Gorgeous mitts! I really like your pattern in Knitty, too.

Gorgeous mittens, great photos, beautiful daughter!!!

Those are really great - I love the way the pattern works with the color.

So cute!

lovin' the red nail polish :)
your daughters are awesome knitwear models. i like the infusion of color in the photos - which is good because i think dd#2 would look kind of emo otherwise. har har.
how very fun, these mitts!

love those, thanks for sharing......the photos are great too!

I have yet to meet a pre-teen or teen who thinks mornings are nice. But gorgeous mitts.


I love these so much! What a fab idea. Thanks for the tips!

Those are so fun...and they go so well with the apples.

Oh my god I want those! They are the coolest gauntlets ever!

Gorgeous and fun at the same time. I'm so excited and proud of you and your Knitty pattern...and even more so since it made sense and had a variety of sizes. I know a famous knitter now!

This was one of the only patterns I wanted to knit this time around. I'm very impressed! Congratulations!

Fabulous mitts! I really like the way the colorways look paired together too. I have been eyeing Lemongrass for a while now, it looks great with Farmhouse!

They are beautiful mitts - I love how you took the stitch pattern and then changed it! They look great in those colors too. I love the last picture with the apples.

Sorry DC couldn't have nicer weather for you this past week - it was freezing here!

How cute are the mitts. congrats on the pattern. Kelly's a great model. Next is a book of your patterns and gardens! lzk
Thanks for the sweets

Very pretty, I love how you used two totally different colors of yarn. Great combination!

GORGEOUS! Great adaptation and LOVE the photoshoot...sleepy head and pears! :o)

Stunning all - mitts, composition, model!

What great mitts and a wonderful blog!

These are fricken awesome! Thanks for the pattern :)

Beautiful mitts, for sure.

Yes, glad to know that others have disaffected tweens as home as well!;)

Yours was the first pattern on Knitty that caught my eye and I was delighted to see who had designed it! Congratulations!

those are stunning!!! i love the colors you combined!

Your pattern in Knitty is elegant and soooo subtle. I'm going to make it. Oh and I really like the lace mitts on your girl.


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