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Thank you.  I am truly humbled by all of your comments on Linea.  I like to respond to each comment, but circumstances have thwarted my best intentions.

My father is in the hospital again.  It has been a rough year with him.
My mother and I sit by the hour, knitting in his room.  I don't know what people do in difficult times if they don't knit.  It gives us something to do with our hands, yet we can still be alert to my father's needs, and have conversation with each other.  Yesterday my sister was with us in the hospital.  There we sat, three in a row, knitting.

Once things settle down a bit I will get the pattern for Linea written up.
For now, a few photos of the Space Kitty that DD#1 made.  He has become fast friends with DD#2's Space Bunny.


I love these fabrics together.


I've got to go now.  It is time to wake up the assertive side of my personality to get my father what he needs.


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I'm sorry that your father is ill. I've been in your shoes and I know it's not pleasant. Thank goodness for knitting. I hope he feels better. The bunny and kitty are so cute! I love the contrast and the colors. I think they've contracted the crafting gene. :D

So sorry to hear that your father is ill. I'm glad the knitting brings comfort.

so sorry to hear about your dad... thank heavens for knitting (i know how it helps)

How stressful for you and your family. I hope everything takes a turn for the better soon.

Though we can't be with you in person, our thoughts and prayers are with you. Don't forget to look after yourself during what is a stressful time for all. {{{Hugs}}}

Sorry to hear aboutyour father. Glad you all have knitting though.

I'm so sorry to hear about your father! My thoughts are with your family.

I hope your father improves quickly and that you're remembering to take care of yourself while you're so busy with him. Thank goodness for knitting!

I love those two! Wonderful colors.

Just sending more good wishes for your family during this difficult time. Hope things get better soon. Just take care of yourself and your family and know that we are thinking of all of you.

I'm sad to hear your Dad is in the hospital again. Thank goodness you all have the knitting to help sooth you a bit. I'll be sending positive thoughts and energies to you all.

Ooops, you do know I meant "soothe". Darn e fell off the end!!

I'm sorry to hear that your father is in the hospital again. Indeed, I don't know what those who don't do some form of handicraft do in situations like that. It is wonderful that your mom and sister were knitting along with you. Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers!

So sorry about your Dad. Glad your mom and sister are there to assist you in giving him support.

Those space critters are far-out and funky!!!

sorry to hear about your father....well thoughts are coming your way......tell the girls great job! those are too cute!

Oh what an unsettling time. Glad for the knitting though. Small quilting projects kept me going through my mom's hospitalizations and I always made sure I had one ready to go at all times. Keys? yep. Change for the machines? yep. Quilting project, yep.
Know that we'll all be keeping your family in our hearts during this difficult time!

Good job girls! They're adorable.

Thinking of you and your family.

Please don't respond.

But please know that you are in my thoughts and my stitches through this difficult time. Please do keep us blog-pals posted.

I am sorry about your dad. You are lucky to have your family to knit with though. No one in my family knits...

I am so sorry to hear about your dad.Warm hugs and many prayers for you and yours.

I hope your father heals soon. In the meantime, take comfort in your family and your crafts.

I'm really sorry to hear about your father. I'm keeping you and your family in my thoughts...

I'm sorry about your father! Hope he gets better soon.

Oh mama. Your family is in my thoughts.

It's great that your family has activities to keep you guys productive and busy in a situation where it is easy to feel unproductive and not in control. I hope things work out well for you all.

So sorry to hear about your father -- I know this is probably a very difficult time for everyone. As for waking up the assertive side of your personality, sneak one of those space creatures in you purse or knitting bag -- they are sure to give you the added kick from their secret hiding place. Keep on knitting, as you know it both calms and gives strength.

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