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There Has Been Knitting - There Has Been Spinning


Embossed Leaves, Interweave Winter 2005 in my own hand painted yarn.   Lovingly laid out on a pair of my father's paintings from the early 60's.  They are destined to got to a swap pal.


Vodka bottles work well to display the stitch pattern on socks when no model or sock blockers are available.


I can't resist the lure of a log cabin.  I am a copy cat.  Knit in Patons Grace, assorted colors that I had on hand.  The blanket will grow until I run out of yarn or I become bored.  Whichever comes first.


I've been spinning up a recent Etsy purchase.  Mmmmmm, love those colors. The roving is an impulse buy from Pigeonroof Studios, superwash merino, color: Drift.


The delicious roving that I bought from the fabulous Aija's Etsy store Zero, all spun up.  I don't think I'm going to ply this.  I plan to knit something light and airy from it.

DH is having lasik surgery today.  We are off to New Brunswick in a little while for the procedure.  I'm going to ask the Dr. to make the adjustment so I  look 5'8" and  125 lbs. through DH's eyes.   Now to choose what knitting to take along for the wait.

Have a lovely day.  We are expected to be in the 70's today.  Yay!


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That green is beautiful! I love when yarn is so beautiful it can move you inside.

I like the socks too, and love the idea of the vodka bottle.

If that bottle of Belvedere goes with the socks, that is one *extra* lucky swap pal!

I know I say this all the time but your photos are just gorgeous.

Those socks are lovely and the drift superwash, gorgeous.

Those socks are lovely and the drift superwash, gorgeous.

Good luck with your husband's lasiks -- may your "measurements" come out as anticipated :-) I'm inches -- no centimeters -- away from spinning, as I continue to see absolutely stunning hand spun yarn. Yours may have just pushed me over the edge....

Wow - your socks turned out great. I love the colors and the vodka bottle is a great idea to display the stitch pattern! How do you get those great shots of your spinning with all of the strands together?

I love your sock display idea..hahah! Good luck with your husband's lasiks :-)

Love the socks!

Ok, now is that a bottle of Grey Goose? Because I think you should take THAT along with you to the waiting room! The socks look great as do the paint by numbers paintings!

oooh..love the coloring. The socks are nicely done. Sadly I don't have any vodka bottles, but I DO have a whiskey bottle. Would that look elegant are trashy? I think you're doing fabulous on your spinning. Do you use a yarn swift or a chair back?

Just what I need - another good reason to buy vodka! :) I should talk my DH gets Lasik - maybe it will help him actually locate the trash that needs to be taken out. LOL

Wow, the roving spun up beautifully! And embossed leaves... I need to knit those sooner than later.

Mmm, I love the colors in those last two photos.

Pretty knits you've got going!

Those are some great colors. The spinning and the socks. Everytime I see pictures of spinning, I itch more to try it.

The socks are beautiful. I love the colors you choose for your hand dyed sock yarn. Great idea to use the vodka bottle. :)

Everything looks great, so colorful and bright. It just makes me happy to look at the pictures. :)

Embossed leaves is such a great pattern. Lovely yarn you are spinning there.

I just love that Embossed Leaves pattern. They continue to be my favorite pair of socks I've ever knit - and every pair I see on-line is more gorgeous than the last!! Yours are no exception! Your dad's paintings are beautiful too. What a great idea to use them as a backdrop for the socks.

Everything is gorgeous as always.Hope everything went well with hubby eye surgery.
Love the vodka bottle model!

Ok, that's how Embossed Leaves should look: GREEN (don't know what I was thinking)! Did you dye that glorious yarn??

As always, beautiful things are abound over here on your blog! Love that photo of your handspun. Gets me in the mood for the next color installment of Project Spectrum!

The socks are beautiful! Well done!

Great colors for the log cabin.

How bad is it that all I saw in this post was the bottle of Grey Goose?

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