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The DD's Find the Crafty Love


DD#1, DD#2 & I went to Purl Patchwork last week for a little browse.  We were making wardrobe plans for spring break.  Nothing like dreaming about fun warm weather projects.

While we were there we picked up a cute pattern for a Robot and Space Boy.  DD#2 got busy with it right away.


She decided to make hers a space rabbit with the addition of some floppy ears.  We love bunnies here at Through The Loops!   I'm so proud of her.  She made this completely on her own, from reading the pattern to cutting to sewing to embroidery.   The only thing I showed her how to do was the chain stitch to embroider the eyes.  I think I have lured another onto the slippery slope that is craft addiction!  She even has a fabric stash!  (Small still, but it will grow!)  She plans to make another when she gets home from school today.  As I type this DD#1,who is home sick today (but finally feeling a bit better), is upstairs looking for thread to make hers.  DD#1 is planning on making a cat.


I've been spinning.  (What else is new?  Is spinning all I post about these days?)  In a moment of weakness I bought some roving from Aija's etsy store last week.  It's gorgeous and so lovely to spin with.  I haven't been able to stay away from it since.   I couldn't even wait to snap a photo of the roving before I started.


Right before her trip to Stitches, I helped Cookie A. by knitting a single Pomatomus.  She has very generously thanked me by sending eight of her fabulous new patterns!  How jealous are you of me right now?  She sent; Twisted Flower, German Stocking, Rhiannon, Millicent, Gothic Spire, Thelonious, Mona and Flicker.  Lucky for you, you can buy her patterns now at her new online shop.  The shop opened today.  Go on over and give her some love!  She deserves it.  The woman is a designing genius -  and I don't say that lightly.



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There is always so much crafty lovely stuff on your blog!! DD#2 did a wonderful job on her doll, and I can't wait to see what DD#1 whips up. Your yarn is lovely (as always) and I love it next to the frog. :) Lucky you with all those Cookie patterns - there are going to be some beautiful socks on your blog!!

Very jealous.
However, I'm also a little jealous of DD2's space bunny. It looks great.

Love the bunny!

What a generous Cookie! I am very jealous... of the patterns and the spinning.

that dd #2 did a great job.....can't wait to see dd#1's cat!

Oh wow!!! Her Rhiannon is beautiful! You are quite lucky. You also did a great a job on knitting the sock too!

Oh yeah, and you've gotten me really wanting to spin now, I've even decided to go on a shopping spree for some great fibers.

Well done, niece #2! Nice to see the crafty bug has bitten another generation in our family :)

Cute space rabbit! And those are beautiful colors for spinning.

I already raided Cookie's store yesterday and got me some wonderful sock patterns. I just love those knee-highs and come Spring I'm going skipping with a skirt and knee-highs and some fancy shoes, maturity be damned. :)

Oh I love the Space Bunny. DD#2 did a super job! And to think it's her first. Hope that DD#1 is feeling much better and that her kitty is a happy creation. Heck, soon they'll be having their own Etsy shop!

And your spinning is super. I really must get my spindle out and see if I can remember even the little bit I learned.

I'm soooo jelouse! I LOVE her Millicent stocking! She's really a great designer. LOVE your DD's space bunny/boy. So cute.

Your daughter did an awesome job on her bunny! That's so cool that you got all of the sock patterns, I'm in love with the Twisted Flower ones!

LOVE that space bunny! Oh, the talent Chez Loops! Must be a genetic thing. ;o)

The space bunny is too cute! And I agree, Cookie is a sock designing guru! You are quite lucky to get all those patterns. The yarn you are spinning is very pretty as well! Great job on all the work you've been doing!

Love the space bunny! The new yarn you're spinning looks delicious.

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