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Kirsten is out of town, so I'm the ghost-blogger, "blogless Bev" as I'm known at Through the Loops, here to let you all know that our girl has a pattern up on knitty.


Not only that, but our good friend and knitting group organizer, the lovely Kelly M. is modeling. She was such a pro that you can't tell how cold it was the day of the shoot. The kindly owner of The Spinnery in Frenchtown, gave us shelter and a beautiful place to take some more photos. This is also the site of Kirsten's first taste of spinning crack. Congratulations to Kirsten on her first (and I'm sure not her last) pattern on knitty!



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congratulations, the pattern is gorgeous.
and beautiful dyeing jobs with the fibre...

so yummy!

Congrats! Love that Koigu trim!


Love that!! congrats.....and i am putting it on my list!!! :)

Rock on, Kirsten! It is a beautiful sweater -- so elegant!

Congratulations! It's a standout for me in this issue.

Wow! I didn't even know knitty put up their new issue at all. Thanks for the update! Love the sweater too. It's simple and elegant, I like that. I'm so tired of the "vogue-like" sweaters that are so odd that you have no idea why you'd waste the money on knitting it.

Way to go girl!I was drooling over that pattern and never even looked at the name on it.I will say it again-you are a rock goddess of knitting!

So exciting! and such a cute and wearable pattern! Congrats K!

Congrats Kirsten!! That is so exciting. I love the pattern and the colors that you choose. Great pictures as well (as usual!!)

yaaaaaaaaaay! go kirsten! :) :) :)

Hurray!!! I've been waiting to see that pattern. Great job Kirsten. I'm putting that on my MUST KNIT list - right up at the top!!

Congrats, Kirsten! Love it and want to knit it! Success!

Woohoo! I saw the sweater pattern and was excited to see it was from a wonderful blogger. Congratulations!

(Great photos again, too, Kirsten.)

So excited to see your name on a pattern! GREAT JOB and CONGRATS! Lovely design!

That's SO awesome, Kirsten!!

At the risk of repeating myself, Kristen, you are an amazing woman!

Tahoe is my favorite sweater in this issue. I need to finish another sweater first. I actually have some Cathay in the stash. It is just a matter finding some Koigu that goeswith it or another suitable yarn.

I *adore* this sweater and must start knitting it immediately! Thank you for the fantastic pattern. And it's not woll, which sadly makes me itchy. So double hooray - beautiful pattern in a yarn I can wear!

(And yes, I did spell wool wrong. Must be time to go home!)


Congrats to my very talented sister :) I knew you had it in you, I'm only surprised you waited so long.

Can't wait to see your next entry!

Congrats Kirsten! Yours is one of my fave patterns in this issue!

This one is definitely on my short list! It was one of the first patterns on Knitty that I looked at and then I said...hey, I read her site! Congratulations!

Oh Kirsten..how exciting! And I love, love, love that sweater. Thanks for designing a sweater that will look good on so many different people. My days of belly shirts and tight sweaters are in the past, I'm afraid *G* I've never knit a sweater..maybe it's time!

squeeee! this is the first thing I wanted to make when i saw the new Knitty - GORGEOUS!!

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