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The temperature topped out at 83 here yesterday.  Today the forecasters are talking about snow.  Don't you just love March?  The warm weather offered us the perfect opportunity to photograph the latest FO.


It is difficult to find good knitting patterns for my 13 year old daughters.  My girls are too small for most adult patterns and too big/mature for those that are designed for kids.


For some reason teens are totally overlooked.  Perhaps it is because they grow so quickly at this age.  Perhaps it is because they are so fickle.  Usually I just knit hats, socks and mitts for them.


DD#2 loves fashion.  These days, I can't get her "skinny jeans" off of her.  We wash them in cold water and hang them to dry to keep that desirable dark wash.  She likes to wear loose, swingy tops with her jeans.  Usually she drags me into stores like Urban Outfitters, Lucky and Anthropologie to seek them out.  This means that the tops often have big price tags. 


What we needed was a hand knit swingy top.  Thus the idea for Linea was born. 
In the next few days I'll write this pattern up and offer it in my side bar.  I'm planning on writing the pattern for sizes 26-40.  DD#2 is wearing it in size 28.



Pattern:  Linea, my own design.
Yarn:  South West Trading Company Bamboo; 100% Bamboo; color Parrot
             Elann Esprit; 98.3% Cotton, 1.7% Elastic

Knit in one piece, in the round.  Bottom up. 


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That is gorgeous! I have a DD with a 26 inch chest who will love this - looking forward to seeing the pattern appear!

Beautiful pattern and great choice in the color. I love greens. I have a younger cousin who would love something like this. :)

This is really, really beautiful - the knit, the daughter, the pictures - job very well done!

Gorgeous! I really love it. And, as always, I love the photos too. You have such a great eye!

really cute. very fashionable!!

My 14-year-old is also into the "swingy" tops and skinny jeans. Your knit version is awesome!

*Gasp* that's beautiful. I was planning on doing something like that for my daughter (She's 4), except make it pink and put some ribbon in there. But, alas, my daughter is at the age were she doesn't wear clothes anyways so I'm not sure if I want to undertake such a task and have her never wear it. :)

Beautiful! I don't have a teenager but I would like it for a summer top. Great pictures too!

I love it!!! When you first said it was for a teen I was quite bummed, but then upon reading further I see you're going to make it for larger sizes as well. Yay!

Did I mention I looove this top?! The colors are awesome too!

What a knock-out top for your fashionable teen. Have you thought about writing your pattern up and selling it? As you're well aware, there is great need for hip teen designs!

Wow, you are on a roll! Gorgeous.

I love that!You have such a good eye for color and design.You should seriously write a book.I would be the first one to buy it!

It's just perfect! The photos are also great - looks like they came out of a magazine.

That is absolutely gorgeous!! And so is your daughter. And weather in the 80s sounds pretty good now too. :)

What a great swingy top! It does look great with the skinny jean silouette, which I'm found of myself.

Another winner. Last night I was debating with Mr Cranky about when kids stop wearing handknits. I was right! I knew they'd keep wearing handknits if the handknits were worthy.

Girl! That is just beautiful. You are a designing demon!!

That is so perfect! You might have just stumbled on the next big thing for teens.

Wonderful job on the knitting and the pictures are beautiful, too. I wonder if Hannah would wear this.

Please be quick about writing it up--my almost 13 year old will have to have this!!!!!! I have been so disappointed with the lack of things to knit a tiny teen! Hats off to you!!!! xo

Beautiful! Your daughter is a great model.

Wow, that's fantastic! I don't have any daughters, but I can see myself wearing that top.

That is such a beautiful top!!

That looks so lovely! She should just have you be her fashion consultant, forget about Anthropologie! Nice job!


Thank you so much for doing a wider range of sizes. Now I know what I can do with that bamboo yarn I have.

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