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Life Lessons and Project Spectrum

It is a good idea to take the time to get dressed before you drive your kids to school in the morning.  There is always the risk that one of your children won't shut the car door all the way, it will swing wide open and you will find yourself running around the outside of the car, in your jammies and bed-head, to close it.  This will of course happen just outside the school, at the hight of morning traffic.  As you try to make eye contact with friends and acquaintances, to laugh at your folly, they will look the other way.  Perhaps they are trying to avert their eyes to be polite, perhaps it is their fear that this could happen to any one of them.   

So I started my day with my own private giggle.  If only my friend Lanny had passed, she'd have honked and waved and made a general scene over the proceedings.

At least my jammies and snow white feet are in keeping with Project Spectrum's current theme.


I'm not sure why I didn't join PS earlier.  Really, it fits so smoothly into what we all do on our blogs anyway.  There are no Must Knits.  Just photos of a color theme.  I can do that.

I had some time to do a little blog reading yesterday and I kept running into the topic of color.  Most notably in the wonderful link that Cara provided to Ruth's blog.  Ruth's discussion on color is insightful and stimulates thought.  If you didn't click Cara's link yesterday, take the time to visit Ruth's site now.  It is really worth your time.

Since I am late to the Project Spectrum party, I will show you a bit of blue that I am working on.
It's a top-down raglan cardigan in Paton's Classic Wool.   This time in working the math, I started with my desired bust and upper arm  measurement and worked up to my neck numbers.   I think I'll get a better fit this way.  The math is a little more complicated than the basic percentages formula.  But we don't all fit into the same percentages, do we?  If the fit works out well for me I will post my formula.


I love a striped raglan.  That right angle at the increases makes me smile.

The 8mm camera is a find while helping my mom clean and pack for her upcoming move.   DS loves to make short movies.  He told my mom that this antique camera is the best gift he's ever been given. We've located a source for 8mm movie film, so he will definitely use it.

An on the antique theme, a final Project Spectrum offering of gray and blue.  Old family photos.  The smallish photo at the bottom of the twins is my father and his brother.  Yeah, there are a lot of twins in the family.

DH's family is from India.  The photo in the upper left that is cut off is his grandparents' wedding.  They are sitting by a fire adorned in garlands of flowers.  The little girl on the lower right is my MIL wearing a sari.  It is just a snap shot but is one of my favorite photos.  There is something about the composition and lighting in the photo that I really respond to.



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Gorgeous pics, dear! I've sadly neglected PS terribly this time around. I think I've done nothing with the colors. Yikes!

I would have waved and laughed and invited you out for coffee!

But see, I would have just screamed out the window for the kid to close the door. I never get dressed for drop off. Damn. Now you have me worried people might see me!

I had to laugh - I have those same pj's - and a lot of my neighbor's have seen them when the bus that picks up my mom for her Day out program (Kindergarten for adults) comes early & I can't find my robe fast enough.

At least, your jammies are cute!

I like the jammies. And really, when I see people in their pj's I must admit that I am a little envious of the freedom and allowances that it entails. I am one who prefers comfort, and nothing says comfort like jammies. In addition to the jams, your other PS photos are lovely too. I quite like the photograph of the photographs, lovely.

Whadya mean I can't stay in my pjs all day?!

Love the pictures and the displays. Gorgeous.

The colors of the cardigan are so pretty, they look soothing together. The photo of the photos is lovely too.

I'll never forget the time my mother actually was on her way to the store. She had immediately woken from a nap remembering that she forgot to pick up something at the store. She ran out of her room, put her shoes on in a hurry and was almost out the door when I stopped her with a, "Aren't you going to put any pants on?" I almost let her go, but I remember what she was like the time she went out with two different shoes on and I didn't catch her.

Love the sweater by the way. The colors are awesome. I have yet to knit a raglan. I've heard so much good things about it all. Apparently they're much better if you don't like sewing.

Lovely photos! I like the striped raglan sweater. Such soft, pretty colors. I didn't sign up for Project Spectrum this year, and now I feel like I should have done so.

And I thought things like that only happened to me!LOL!Love the pics.You always have such great composition and light.And great knitted stuff too.Dangit stop making me so jealous of you!

Love the family photos...and the blue and light brown of your raglan are one of my favorite colour combinations ever!

Ha! I forgot to tell you that I saw you this morning! Actually, Cammie saw you first and noticed that the car door was open. She did the play-by-play of the whole thing. You looked very cute in your pjs, actually... and yes, it could have easily been me!

Rock the PJs! Heck, some of my teenage students like to wear pajama bottoms to school, so you are completely on the cutting edge of fashion.
Thanks for sharing the family pictures...they're really great.

Beautiful pictures and I love the sweater.

I read Ruth's take on colour yesterday - amazing! Almost as amazing as that top-down-raglan fomula you're working on. I'm intrigued...

PS: Your photos are bautiful. (My dad is a twin also.)

I have the same love for striped raglans. My husband will pass a sweater & say, "You like that don't you?" Sadly, I've never knit one.

Jammie drop off? Done that lots.
Lurve the shoes!!!!!!Need a pair of those!

I just discovered your blog - what a find! You've inspired me to joing Project Spectrum. And I love old photos too; the ones of your in-laws are priceless.

Thanks for the free patterns too, I'll certainly be making the puzzle scarf and sunkist cardi!

I think your lovely striped raglan is going to look kick-ass with your PJs -- especially at 7:45am in the drop off line.

Your photos take my breath away. How you managed to post such funny, knitty, and poignant images, all within the Project Spectrum palette, is beyond me, but you really did it! I've got to get my family gallery in order.

I love he striped raglan. Can't wait to see it all done!!

Love the jammies......I am still in mine. Jammies rock!

I love the photo of your family photos. What a great spot in your home that is I am sure!

I am jealous. I live in Tokyo. I take my daughter to school everyday on the train. No sweats or jammies for me. This is a somewhat formal society.
Love the shoes. What brand are they?
Love the pictures!

I've been tempted to by a super-8 camera numerous times but it seemed like the film was rather pricy, so I'm still holding off. I think it's only made in Japan so the high cost is from importing? My parents have an old Fuji Single-8 camera that I should steal, but the film for that is even more expensive! :P
I love your raglan sweater, the colors are nice and soothing.

I wish I could do the jammie drop off, but I'm a teacher, so it wouldn't look too good!

Love the patterns! Thank you for them.

Where oh where can I get me a pair of them shoes!???

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