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I can't stop. 


Darker yarn: Roving hand painted by Spinneret, given to me at our last spinning session.  Thanks C!  I love it!
Lilac yarn:  Mystery roving from new spinning friends  - Angie was trying to figure out what it was. . .


This yarn is made from a mix of rovings that Spinneret and my new spinning friends gave me during my first visit to their group.  There are many different fibers represented here.


Superwash Corredale from Perchance to Knit.


Plyed and still on my Golding spindle.

Now I've got to go get some work done.  I've spent way too much time spinning this week.


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Beautiful yarn! Are you guys spinning in NJ? Where? We should start out own guild (although there are guilds in NJ....)

They are all so pretty - I can certainly see why all you want to do is spin!!! I love the way you plyed the different colors together.

Ah, the colors! They are all gorgeous!

There is no such thing as too much time spinning.

Beautiful colors!!! you've been mighty productive!

That yarn is gorgeous. I love the colors (particulalry the red in the mixed rovings, gorgeous!) and you are doing such a great job! Is this the same woman who was lamenting her spinning skills with the drop spindle not too long ago? Lament no more!

Fantastic! The singles look great too!

Very nice! You've inspired me to try my spindle again.

oh your handspun is just beautiful! i am still trying to get the plying figured out. i am hopeless! :0)

Spectacular. You're a natural. I was so moved that I pulled out some singles and promptly set about plying!

~Fiber-y hugs!

You are an amazing woman (I think I've told you that before...).


Wow it's just gorgeous! Must learn to spin!!!

That blue-brown is just gorgeous. I wonder when I'll have the time to learn how to spin...

Oh you're doing a wonderful job of this. Just beautiful!

So beautiful.

Wow - you have been a spinning fiend! It looks beautiful!

OH NO!!! Not the dark side of spinning!

It looks beautiful though. I love the look of barber-poled yarn.

the colors are so beautiful together! I wish I could get the hang of the drop spindle. Maybe I'll have to take it up again and see if I can figure it out...

On a completly non spinning related subject - do you know how happy you have made me???? I love your sock patterns - there are so few patterns written for two circulars (not that I can't figure out how to convert - sometimes I am just too lazy or it is just a bit wonky) - seriously, this has completely made my day!!! Have you any suggestions for converting the jaywalker pattern to two circulars? I will be starting your Ampersand pattern this evening.

Thank you, thank you!

I just wanted to pop over and tell you I like the Tahoe Sweater in Knitty! I may just have to make it sine I live right next to Tahoe!!!

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