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Treasures in the Attic

A few weeks ago Megan, the Knitting Philistine, and I arranged a swap.  I had some Rowan Scottish Tweed and a bit of Sweet Georgia yarn that she admired.  She had her beautiful soaps and some Yarn Pirate that she offered.  Yesterday my package arrived.  I wish I could let you smell these soaps.  They are amazing.  The good news is that you can order some of Megan's soaps yourself from her Etsy shop.


My parents are in the process of moving out of the home I grew up in.  There are years of family history there, along with countless boxes brought in when each of my parent's families moved out of their homes.  I have been going down help my mom pack as much as I can.  My dad isn't well enough to do any of the work.

On each trip another memory is rekindled. 

Last week it was the rich family history I have of art and craft.  There were many who came before me, on both sides of my family, who were artists or dedicated crafters.  The most amazing box we discovered was filled with my Great Aunt Teresa's weaving supplies.

There were spools of glorious threads and yarns.


Her shuttles and books.


My Aunt Teresa never married.  She and her sisters, Mary and Dorothy, never left their family home, they cared for both of their parents until the end. 

Once their parents were gone, my Aunts lived together on the old farm, filled with antiques.  They were the heart of the extended family.  Everyone loved to visit the "Farm".  There was always lively conversation, laughter, a passing on of family history, wonderful food, and creativity of every kind.  These women were  intellectuals, college educated - rare for their generation.  In 1925, my grandmother the oldest daughter in the family, graduated from Pembroke, which later became a part of Brown University.  She earned a degree in biology. 

My Aunts' interests reflected their active minds.  They became experts in antiques and horticulture.  They were painters, and knitters and crocheters.  As I discovered last week, Teresa also became an accomplished weaver.  My mother remembers the blankets, tablecloths and placemats Teresa used to make.  I loved and admired these women.   They had a huge impact on the person I am today.  The box filled with spools means much more to me than just the yarns it contains.  It represents the passion three great women had for everything they did.  It is a treasure.


These beautiful yarns have been in the box since the mid 1950's.


The colors and textures look fresh enough to be from 2007.



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Your auns sound like amazing women--lucky you to have those supplies AND those memories! (And those soaps: aren't they phenomenal?)

Gorgeous. You are so fortunate to have had such amazing and creative women in your family.

Wow. What a beautiful connection and lovely items.

Wow, what a wonderful legacy to leave.

Your photography is stunning!

PS: Thanks for the soap plug! ;o)

Your photography is stunning!

PS: Thanks for the soap plug! ;o)

oh my! Treasure indeed, the history, the memories, the colours, the textures, the love......and those photographs! A special post indeed, Ibe tthere's not many of us can look upon our ancester's work, I am so envious. I love the packaging on those soaps too. I must go and have a look at this Etsy place :^)

How wonderful it is to have those things! My mother cleaned up her parents' house and was in such a rush she got rid of most of it. That's a hard job.

How nice there is a fibre artist in the family to keep those treasures. I've recieved a couple stashes & a knitting machine over the years.

Your aunt sounds like she was an amazing person. And you have taken such beautiful pictures of her legacy.

Oh what a wonderful post. Your words and pictures bring this grand woman alive to all who read. What a gifted treasure for someone who IS herself a treasure

I've always wanted to loom. I used to live down the street from a book store/yarn store that had a huge loom in it. It was gorgeous!

what a great family treasure! all the yarn looks to be in wonderful condition....

Ah, so much memory in the materials of the past. Lovely post, and GORGEOUS photographs! Thank you for sharing this piece of your (and your family's) past.

Beautiful - the memories and the photos! Thanks for sharing them with us!

You are so blessed!! My biggest regret is not getting any of my grandmother's crochet hooks or yarn. I am just glad that I have a couple of her blankets.

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