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New Friends

I had the pleasure of meeting Spinneret yesterday afternoon.  She was kind enough to offer to help me with my spinning.  I had no idea what a wonderful, generous, creative group of knitters and spinners she would introduce me to.


She and her friend Angie had bags of roving for me to try.  Quite a bit of which they sent home with me.  The bags were all neatly labled; baby camel down, suri alpaca, guanaco, cormo, merino, targhee, silk hankies.  It was amazing.  I'm still taking in all of the luscious treats I got to bring home to play with.

Spinneret even let me take one of her spindles home to try out!  She said it would assure that we would meet up again to spin!


The beauty on the right is hers.

They gave me my first ever lesson on a wheel .  Spinneret's friend Gail was also learning, so I had someone to laugh with at our chunky, over-spun, first attempts.  I wish I'd remembered my camera so I could show you that homely, precious yarn.

I'm hooked.  Now I need to save up for a wheel, and more fibers to spin, and more spindles.  They had so many beautiful spindles.  It's even got me thinking about the fiber I might be able to get from my bunny.  He's no angora, but twice a year he really sheds. . .



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Wow and she spins too!Now all you need are a few sheep and some shears...Cute bunny!


Oh, and I love your cardi.

You can see the look of worry in bunny's eyes as everyone eyes the soft fur ;) Good luck in your spinning attempts. It is something that I must try soon.

Cute bunny!!! What kind is he? I have an Angora named Harley. But your bunny is just so darn cute!

Cute bunny! Glad you made some new friends and picked up some spinning skills, too.

You're lucky to have a great knit and spin support group near you. I couldn't find a group like that here in Germany if I sat on them!

I started spinning on a Golding Tsunami, but wasn't crazy about the fiber that came with the kit -- it was too hairy and coarse. Then I tried a sample of a multi-colored Colonial and it all finally clicked. Now I'm waiting for a Bosworth Mini ... I hate waiting.

Cute bunny :)

Bunny!!! He is ADORABLE!!

Good fun, a wonderful teacher, and yummy fiber - what more could one want from life?

I absolutely love that sweater your wearing.

What a perfect day!!! I'm soooo jealous! It looks like you spun some wonderful yarn on those drop spindles. You're well on your way to becoming an expert spinner. Love the little bun-bun too. :)

that bunny is the cuuuutest! love the top you're wearing too! ;-)

Hooray for spinning! I'm so excited for you to be working on that. ;)

Did you knit your sweater that you are wearing in the pictures?? If so, what yarn/pattern did you use? It is gorgous. I LOVE your picture of your bunny. She is precious.

Awwww! That is one cute chocolate bunny!

Sounds like a lovely experience you've been having. Crafting women are awesome.

Also, for a minute there at the beginning, I was all disoriented from the words I didn't know (guanaco, cormo, targhee). Then I remembered how great it is to learn new things from cool women on blogs. Cheers!

If I ever get the spinning bug, the white coats will surely be nearby to take me away! I can see it now, giant leaf bags turned into casings for roving.... Please, with having just finished my first successful pair of socks, I'm so afraid of what THAT's gonna do to my yarn cravings!

Your picture is soooo pretty, you there with the brown bunny and the delicate sweater in the background...

I can't even use my drop spindle and I already have grand plans of having a wheel one day, it's madness really. I do envy your great opportunity to learn and make friends while doing it! Knit and spin on!

What a wonderful collection of fiber to sample! Hope you have a wonderful time. Beautiful pictures, too!

That's a seriously cute bunny. I too long to learn to spin. Have fun!

Look at those cute thumper feet!

Oh my...I am so keen to try spinning, how on earth would I start? Those spindles look so tactile and beautiful, would have loved to have seen your wool that you spun on using a wheel...and i really love the look of your cardi you are wearing in the photo..Marianne

Bunny is very cute!

PS. I just added you to my list of bunnyhugging knitters...

Oh, I love your little bunny!!!!

Holy cow, your bunny is adorable! Your spinning is looking good, too, but oh! That bunny!

Wow! I LUV your bunner!! Totally reminds me of my Zydeco (Japanese Harlequin). Okay, now that is said, I am amazed at your spinning results. I need to work on mine.

Awww! Buns! So adorable--although I have to confess, I never really thought of bunies as having long nails like that! (Which I guess is stupid.)

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