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More on My Adventures in Spinning

I plyed my first hand spun yarn today. 


It was magical seeing it twist together and become, in my eyes at least, beautiful yarn.  In this yarn are my first attempts at spinning.  It is from the roving that I bought at Rhinebeck along with my spindle.   When I brought it home I just jumped in.  I didn't know anything about what I was doing.  I didn't even know what it meant to draft the wool.  The results range from very thick to sewing thread thin.  Plyed together though, it is mostly a chunky weight yarn.  Someday it will become a hat.  For now though, I will admire it.


I've discovered that winding the yarn off my spindle onto the back of one of my kitchen chairs, gives me a nice consistent tension to set my spin.  I leave it on the back of the chair and spray it with a water bottle until it is soaked through.  (The furniture is secondary to process, the chair will survive the occasional drenching.  The floors?  They are brick and indestructible.)  Once it is dry I wind it off the back of the chair.  So far this has worked out pretty well for me and it makes an interesting decorating accent.


Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post and told me about your socks in progress.  It is nice to know that I am not alone in having so many going at a time.  The only sock not in the current rotation is Embossed Leaves in the Cabin Cove yarn.  I love the pattern and the yarn.  It just got stashed away last fall when something more pressing presented itself, and I never got back to it.  The winner of the contest is Jennie.  I chose her name using the latest high tech tools.



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Hooray for plying your first spun singles!

It looks beautiful! Congratulations!

your plying and spinning look great! I love how you set the twist - very creative! :)

That is FANTASTIC spindle spun yarn!!!! Yeah! I'm so excited for you. The color is gorgeous.

I think your newly spun yarn is beautiful. The blues are fantastic! Good job!

And admired (and patted) it deserves to be. That turned into beautiful yarn. Very nicely done.

More gorgeous handspun! YUM!

Your yarn looks great! I am so happy for you. If that was your first attempt, no worries. You'll be a great spinner!

Gorgeous handspun!LOVE the colors.Can't wait to see it knitted up.

Wow..that's gorgeous! I'd love to spin. (maybe I should drop some hints for birthday presents to my husband) :)

Oh, it's beautiful. I like your eye for framing a photo!

Oh! The sight of your handspun is very encouraging! Maybe I should try to ply mine...I've been so disappointed in the results that I didn't even try plying yet. Great idea about using the chair, too!

I'm totally behind on my blogs, never mind commenting, but I had to add that I have three socks in progress after SWEARING up and down to myself that I would only ever work on one pair at a time. And that's not counting the embossed leaves socks I've been hankering after ever since I first saw yours...

What a great feeling eh? That plying looks great, and it's going to make one beautiful hat.

It looks great! I can't wait to see it knitted up. You're getting pretty good at this spinning stuff :)

What pretty yarn! Love it!

I bought some alpaca roving last summer (at the NJ sheep & wool fest) and I have spun a bunch on my drop spindle, but I haven't figured out how to ply it. Where did you learn that part?

Your yarn looks so fabulous!!! I bought another spinning book over the weekend - I am bound and determined to figure this out. :)

What lovely handspun. Do you have a book you recommend. I am determined to learn how to spin!

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