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Back in November & December when I knit all of those hats for Dulaan, DD#1 had a favorite that she really wanted to keep for herself.  I told her we couldn't keep it, but that I would make another just like it.  One day last week as she was walking out the door to school, she dropped the hat into my lap and said it's time I keep my promise.  I spent the day knitting, making a few improvements to the original, and by the next day she was able to wear her own version to school.

I thought this would be a good time to post this pattern.  It is Fair Isle February after all, and the Stranded Colorwork Challenge* is still in full swing.   So I give you Mirelle.  You'll find the pdf in the sidebar.  Since it's DD#1's hat, I let her name it.  She's calling it Mirelle.  She doesn't know why, she just likes the name.



Thank you to everyone who offered photography advice on my last post.  I am eager to learn more about getting the most out of my camera.  There were many wonderful tips and suggestions.  Today it was a little cold as we took the photos of Mirelle, so we rushed through the photo shoot.  But I did take the time to tinker a bit with a few of the adjustments on the camera, and am happy with the resulting colors and exposure.  DD#1's static filled hair could use a bit of work, but one step at a time.  Her hair always has had a life of its own. . .

*If you follow the Stranded Colorwork Challenge link, be sure to check out the Flikr group.  There are some amazing things being knit.


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The hat is lovely - thank you for sharing the pattern with everyone!!

Oh, it is darling! What kid wouldn't want one?

That hat is super cute!

Fabulous hat! I like everything about it, the design, construction and the colors! Thanks for sharing the pattern, it's very generous of you.

That is gorgeous - I've been looking through all your patterns and love every single one!

What a beautiful hat! It looks like it will keep DDs head nice and toasty - and we sure need that these days!! Brrr.

thanks for the pattern! i love the hat! looks really nice and warm!

I was thinking when you were making all those hats earlier that the pattern was lovely, so thank you for sharing! One more pattern of yours to add to my list...

Great hat!You continue to astound me with your talent.I hope to be half as good as you someday.Until then- I'll practice!

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing the pattern.

What a gorgeous hat, and the colors, yummy! Thanks for the pattern!

Such a cute pattern! I am also doing FIF and Stranded Colorwork challenge - I don't think I can fit this one in for February, but I would love to try your pattern at some point ;)

another generous offering form you. while I am no longer sock challenged, your socks on two circs will require me to "see" how it's done first.

Thanks for the hat.

What at great hat, thanks for sharing the pattern :)

As usual a great finished knit!! I love it!!

what a special hat, it looks gorgeous, you are generous with your patterns too...thank you!

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