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Just Add a Bit of Bass


For Valentines Day, my knitting group exchanged "Secret Valentines".


My giftee was my friend Susan.  She is a lover of the color pink.


It is a perfect color for a Valentine scarf.


DD#2 gladly modeled it in her own special way before I gave it to Susan.


DS kindly lent us his favorite bass.


Susan's Valentine Scarf

Pattern:  My own

Main Color Yarn:  Artyarns Supermerino; color #128 purchased at the Point

Ruffle Yarn:  Claudia's Hand Painted Fingering; color Freesia

Needles:  US 8 Addi Turbos

Oh, and the hat DD #2 is wearing is a gift for my friend Bob.  He asked me to knit something for him.  I went with the conservative, solid charcoal gray.  The best part of the hat is how it feels.  It's Rowan Cashsoft - heavenly.

My Sockret Pal has struck again.  This time she sent the most decadent treats!  MarieBelle Chocolates - Divine!  Trust me when I tell you that they are as delicious as they are beautiful!  Thank you once again, Pal!




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Not to dork out too much on music, but that Rickenbacker bass? Lovely. It's my absolute fav electric bass ever. They've got such a terrific and unique sound. The Beatles used a Rickenbacker bass. I'm convinced it's part of their genius. And it makes model for such a beuatiful scarf.

Happy V-day!

Love the photo shoot with the Rickenbacker! The scarf is really terrific.

Another wonderful photo shoot!!!! As if your knits aren't beautiful enough, you always showcase them in the most creative ways! Mmmm, those chocolates look divine too. Happy Valentine's Day!

Perfect Valentine confections, the scarf, the candy, everything!

What a sweet Valentine's gift--and what a perfect group of people to have a Valentine's swap with! Can't wait to see what you get.

What a great scarf! I am sure your pal will love it - I like the simple lace.

And those chocolates are almost too pretty to eat. Almost... ;)

Glad you like the chocolates.I think they are exquisite -so beautiful.
Love the scarf!Pink is my fave too.Susan is one lucky gal.I always love your photo shoots.They are always such fun.Very interesting around your house.Bet there is never a dull moment!

Great scarf! I especially like the ruffled edging. The chocolate looks tasty too. In the interest of promoting a friend's endeavor, chocolate and the best brownies known to man, you might want to check out: www.buttersbrownies.com

What great knitted goodness you have concocted for Valentine's Day! As always, your photo shoot showcases your knitted goods in a fun way and it looks like you model had a good time!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

What an adorable scarf! I love the ruffle-y edges!

Oooh, tres cute!

What a very lovely Valentine's scarf! Very pretty. And the chocolates look absolutely decadent! Yummy!

did ya'll get snow?? we got too much ice with the snow. yuck! love that scarf!

I LOVE the photo shoot! The scarf is beautiful.

Love the photo shoot and the scarf pattern is gorgeous - off-set perfectly by guitar and daughter.

I love that in your mind a frilly pink scarf deserves a bass in its photo shoot! Love it!

I love the scarf and what great photos....very creative!!!

What a great

opps...hit enter.

What a great....gift from your pal!!!

Very pretty. I'd like to put in my order for one please... :)

Great scarf!!! Would you consider sharing the pattern? I would LOVE to make this for my niece!!!

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