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Fess Up Friday

How many pairs do you have on the needles?


Embossed Leaves
Yarn: Cabin Cove Mercantile


Embossed Leaves
Yarn: My own hand painted


Slipped Stitch Pattern of my own design
Yarn: Sundara given to me by Keohinani


Simple Cable
Yarn: STR Chanticleer


Chevron Mitt (okay, not technically a sock) inspired by these
Yarns: STR Farmhouse and Lemongrass

Four out of five of these are in active rotation.  Guess the one that is not and I will put your name in a hat for a prize - yarn of course.

Oh, and don't forget to tell me how many pairs you have on the needles.


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i guess that the simple cable socks are not in rotation.
i only have 2 pairs on the go right now..oops. make that 3 i have 1 more embossed leaves sock to finish also!

I only have one pair on the needles right now. Hmm, my guess is that the simple cable socks are the ones not in rotation.

MATCHING MITTS! And here I was wondering what to do with my str leftovers......genius!

I'm guessing it's one of the Embossed Leaves that's not it rotation--maybe the handpaint? Maybe you turned the heel and then forgot abotu it and then started the other pair?

I'll guess the cabin cove leaves socks aren't in the rotation (though I LOVE the color!!!)

i'm going to guess your own handpainted is not in the rotation because you have two embossed leaves socks going, the STR is hard to put down (i would assume from experience, hehe), the cabin cove is a gorgeous green (and i've seen your green tendencies), and of COURSE you are loving every stitch of the sundara! *wink wink* hehe. nah. that's quite a bit!
let's see...i have one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine....ten....that i know of. two of them i haven't finished because i lost the dpn i was using. one isn't finished because i ran out of yarn. another isn't finished because i laddered down to fix a mistake and was too spent getting the stitches caught up to continue. two haven't passed the cuff stages since i noticed the pooling and decided to change the patterns. the rest are on the backburner because i'm working on other projects.
i didn't realize i had so many...!!!!!???!?!!?

I'm guessing the embossed leaves in your own handpainted. I luckily just this minute finished a pair of endpaper mitts and am starting the Anemoi mittens, and one pair of socks on the needles.

I too am guessing that the cabin cove embossed leaves are on vacation.

How many socks in rotation right now? Eesh. Ummm....wow. surprisingly enough, only five -- my pomatomus, a pair of toe-up-plain-janes for me, sara's socks, a pair for my friend Melissa (which I think will be frogged -- does that count? hee hee), and my long resting New England Socks. I was certain it would be more than that...

I'm guessing the Cabin Cove Embossed Leaves. I sure hope it's not the Chevron Mitt - too pretty!

As for mine, 2 actually on the needles but 2 more that have had needles yanked but I could conceivably replace them and continue on...

My guess is the Sundara slipped stitch.
Currently I have five pairs on the needles, three of which already have one completed sock. SSS strikes again.

"One," she says without a hint of smugness. "One," she says, jealously wishing she had as many sets of sock needles as Kirsten so she could have so much sock-love in her life.
I'm guessing the Chanticleer socks are not in rotation, only because it does not seem to be your usual palette, so I wonder if you are feeling a little meh about them.

I'm going to guess the cables are out of the rotation.

I've got 2 pair OTN right now, planning to cast on a third sock sometime this weekend though.

They are all beautiful! I have two pairs of socks going right now, but you have given me the courage to have more!

I'd say the pair that is NOT in active rotation is the your hand painted yarn (embossed leaves) because you ran out of yarn?

They are all beautiful! I have two pairs of socks going right now, but you have given me the courage to have more!

I'd say the pair that is NOT in active rotation is the your hand painted yarn (embossed leaves) because you ran out of yarn?

I'm going to guess that the simple cables are out of rotation.

Me? I've actually got zero pairs on the needles right now. I usually only do one pair at a time, and I just finished a pair a few days ago and am currently waiting for some more sock yarn to arrive.

Btw, I *love* that slipped stitch pattern of your own design. Gorgeous!

The DaveYarn socks.

I have one pair in progress. I can't seem to make the second cuff. /sigh

I am going to go with the Simply Cable socks. I don't have any sock on the needles at the moment, but that will change soon. I am going to cast on for embossed leaves, I think....just one pair though. All of your socks are lovely. I like the pairing of STR lemongrass and farmhouse. It's a lovely match-up.

Hmmm, okay, my random guess is the Simple Cable. Though it's tough to pick because they are all so pretty. :) I've (still) got three in progress. Rock the Stars with my Indie Swag, the pair I started on Christmas, and the new Koigu pair I cast on last weekend!

I am guessing the Slipped stitch socks of your own design - which I love by the way. Having made it through the interesting part of this sock I might be tempted to move on to the interesting parts of the other socks. Right now I have 4 pairs on the needles - 3 basic stockinette socks, all gifts, all suffering from Second Sock Syndrome, and 1 pair of Dragon Scale socks. I need to finish one of the basic socks to get my slick KP dpns so that I can rock the Dragon Socks!

I'm guessing the Chevron Mitt, although it is gorgeous and should not be neglected so! :)

My guess is the Slipped Stitch sock of your own creation... you were totally wooed away by your STR stash! LOVE the yellowy chevron mitts!

Funnily, I have 4, count them FOUR single socks finished, so I am working diligently to cast on mates for all of these lone socks...so in mere moments, I'll have 4, count them FOUR pairs on the needles.

I'm going to guess that the slipped stitch sock is the one taking a rest.

I've actually been good with only 5 projects on the go - unfortunately they're all socks and I'm start to get second sock syndrome and I'm not even finished them yet!

Well I can't play, being disqualified due to the family relationship. On the needles - Tropicana, being done in the LLSS Lakeview colourway you gave me that was originally going to be Pomatomus until I realized they would never fit over my high arches - the second of a pair of Wyverns in Hempathy, a lovely soft green colourway - Twisted Socks using Knitpicks Dancing - Halloween socks using orange and black Knitpicks Essential (ok those aren't in active rotation) - and a pair in a pattern I can't remember right now, using Rowan Tweed which are currently in England so not in rotation atm either. There may be one or two others that I forget right now that are at the bottom of the knitting bag. Also arriving any day is a package from Astrid's Dutch Obsession containing Opal Mosaic, and an Opal cotton blend to make socks for my sweetie. I'll probably not be able to resist casting on at least one of those as well :) BTW, I LOVE the Sundara!

The slipped stitch pattern? I'm really just impressed that you have that many small needles to knit socks on ....lack of needles is probably what keeps my sock in progress list to two.

I am guessing the second embossed leaves.
The only socks I have on the needles right now are for you!I am knitting them both at the same time so I have no second sock issues.I am anxious to get these done and in the mail.All this anonymity is exhausting!

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