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One of my childrens' music teachers and his wife are expecting their first child in April.  What better news is there for a knitter?  An excuse to knit adorable baby sweaters is always welcome.

Of course the knitter can never go wrong when they look to Elizabeth Zimmermann for a pattern.





Pattern:  February Baby Sweater from The Knitters Almanac by Elizabeth Zimmermann
Yarn:  Cascade 220 Superwash; color #847 (purchased at Modern Yarn at their Superbowl Sunday Sale)
Needles:  Lantern Moon US size 7 circulars
Buttons:  From M&J Trimming - I'll be going back tomorrow to buy one more

Comments:  This pattern, as with all EZ patterns was very logical and straight forward.  I would absolutely make one again.  Especially after seeing Jared's.


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Very cute!! I agree, baby sweaters are such fun to knit. Partially because they are so fast, but mostly because I love to think about the tiny new baby and how the sweater I'm knitting will help keep him or her warm. Does my knitterly heart good. :)

That's so pretty-reminds me that I subscribed to your blog feed because of the photography

That's so pretty-reminds me that I subscribed to your blog feed because of the photography

It's a beauty!

What a pretty pattern. Lucky baby.

its gorgeous and I LOVE the buttons!!

its gorgeous and I LOVE the buttons!!

I love it! Great color and cute buttons!

I love the color. I can't wait to make one!

O MY GOD!!!! SO CUTE!!!!

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Hello....what a darling little cardi, I am just starting to get in EZ's books and have ordered the 'opinionated knitter'. Your photography on the detail is wonderful! I do hope that pattern for the magic baby jacket is in the book I have ordered!

Oh my! I love the close up picture of it. It's completely flawless. And the yarn is just beautiful! I am absolutely in love with the little buttons. It's looks so sophisticated for a little child, I love it.

ooh, that sweater is SO cute! they are lucky parents to receive such a nice gift. i can also empathize with your parents move and what it entails; we went through it a couple of years ago with my mom—it's quite a physical and emotional change.

I love that baby sweater, the color is gorgeous. Out of curiousity, how many skeins of the superwash did you use?

Love this sweater........it is too cute! They are going to LOVE it!!!

How pretty! That sweater will surely be cherished by the new parents.

I love the little flower buttons! They are the cutest on that adorable sweater!


Very pretty. I definitely love knitting baby sweaters also. I have some yarn waiting for me to start one soon.


Oh how cute. I've been seeing these popping up on the blogosphere and want so badly to make one (and there are NO little babies in my life. Come on people! Ge pregnant, I say!).

The buttons on this absolutely make the cardigan. So sweet!!

The sweater is super cute, and I too adore those buttons!

It's gorgeous!

So pretty! How much yarn did it take?

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