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Yesterday was the deadline to send out Knit Mitt Kits.  This is the bag I sent to my swap pal.  It's going overseas so I hope it doesn't take too long. 


Yarn: Lopi that's been laying around since my mom made everyone in the family an Icelandic sweater one Christmas in the early 80's.
Pattern:  None, made it up as I went along

I've also finished (finally) the socks from the Lisa Souza Yarn that my Sockret Pal sent.  I cast these on months ago.  I don't know what took so long, too many distractions I suppose.


Pattern:  None, they're just your basic run of the mill, 64 stitch stockinette sock with an eye of partridge heel flap (alway so pretty in handpainted yarn if you ask me.)
Yarn:  Lisa Souza, Lime and Violet colorway
Needles:  Addi Turbos size 1
Boots:  Frye, on sale Bay-bee!

After much thought and kind input in my comments, I decided to cast on for Demi in the Peace Fleece I got last week.  I can see already that this pattern will be a labor of love.  It's all of those darn knits and purls through the back of the loop.  I love the look of them, hate knitting them.  Demi is worth it though, it is such a gorgeous pattern.  There are two bloggers I really admire working on this pattern right now too.  I'm sure to find the inspiration to continue there.


Sorry about the lack of links.  I've got to get DS to the ophthalmologist.  We're late already.


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Quick..make sure that ram doesn't eat Demi!
Pretty socks and nice choice for the peace fleece.

What a pretty bag and I love those socks!

Ohhhhh what a beautiful bag!

Your Knit Mitt Kit pal is so lucky to have you for a parner! Beautiful bag, lovely yarn and one of my 2 favorite Mitten books.
Demi will be wonderful in the Peace Fleece - those twisted stitches are showing up very distinctly.

The bag is lovely! And I completely agree, Eye of the Partridge heal was made for handpainted yarns. Gorgeous!

I LOVE my Frye boots; I bought them in a men's store in NM that just happened to carry a few women's sizes.

Great socks, too, and what a lucky pal!

Oh man, those socks are beautiful! The yarn knits up so much better than it looks in the skein. I'm sold!

Like the bag you made.LOVE the socks!Demi is looking great as well.Never have anything negative to say about your knitting cause it's all good girl!Love the boots as well-too cute.

I love the mitten book that you are gifting. What a lucky pal! :) The bag looks great too! If you don'thave one already, I would suggest getting a Knit Picks chart reader ($10) because it makes life SO much easier when working with charts! :)

Your pal is going to flip over that bag - it came out terrific. The fact that you made the pattern up yourself makes it even more special and personalized. (And talk about some serious stash-diving for that yarn! Good job!) Hurray for finishing the socks!! The plain pattern really does show-case the yarn. Your Demi is off to a great start as well.

the socks came out so neat! I love how it pooled and striped at your ankle!

is that the flying geese book poking out of your felted bag for your pal? that is one great mitten book...lots of inspiration!

demi is going to be wonderful!

The bag and the socks are so great! Fun knits everywhere ;)
Love the color you are using for Demi. That sweater is beautiful.

I love the bag. I hope your pal loves it as well. And I love your socks as well. Is it just me or do plain only stockinette socks just seem to fly off the needles? And they are best way to show off hand dyeds like you said.

You have a very lucky pal! And those socks are gorgeous! I love it when the yarn does the work for you!

Your Demi is going to be great, I am looking forward to watching your progress!

mmm! those lime and violet socks look scruptious!

Yay Demi! I adore the color of the yarn you're using--that's going to be beautiful.

I adore your Frye boots too--sale, you say?

I totally love your bag. I am so envious of your pal. The socks are fantastic too!

ohhhh I bet your secret pal is gonna LOVE the gifts. How very nice!!!

ohhh your pal is one lucky person. What a gorgeous bag. Although I think I would only be surprised if you made something that wasn't~

So cool to see the lime & violet yarn knitted up - thanks for the photo! Looks as yummy as I'd expected, but still nice to know for sure!

I just started socks - small, worsted-weight socks - using a twisted stitch pattern, and I think I'm going to lose my mind. While I agree that sweater pattern is GORGEOUS, I think I'll have to experience it vicariously through you - I'm not brave enough to take on something like that yet. I'll be watching your progress avidly, though!

Your knits are all lovely - I really adore the Peace Fleece colorway that you're using for Demi. I'm a complete sucker for that bluish green.

What is that yarn inside of the felted bag? Those blues are delish!

Your pal is so lucky. I love the bag and it looks chalked full of great stuff.

Your socks look amazing!!!

I can't wait to see your progress on Demi.

Great stuff all around!!!!

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