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Such A Long, Long Way To Go

Tell me to stick with this.  Tell me it gets easier.
I want to make pretty yarn like Kristi and Carole and Kristi, and the plethora of other amazing spinners out there.  I love to look at roving and to dream.  But I am not there yet.  There is nothing natural, let alone relaxing about spinning for me.


There was a woman at Rhinebeck, I don't know her name, we talked briefly as she spun on her drop spindle.  She made it look so easy, just pulling wool from the pack on her hip and spinning, spinning, spinning.  I don't think she ever paused.  It was just one continuous motion, smooth and relaxing.  I want to spin like that.


Please tell me this will get easier. . .


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Of course it gets easier. We all start out struggling. Practice. And relax. It will come.

I'll tell you, I HATED spindle spinning. Hated it. Never really figured it out but by then I had such a headache from it I didn't care and went out and got a wheel. But talk to Margene over at Zeneedle. She LOVES spindle spinning. She may have some help for you.

Spinning has a HUGE learning curve, though, no matter how you do it. It will get better.

It will. I promise. Remember, it's called a DROP spindle for a reason. Mine spent 65% of its time on the floor. I, too, spin much, much better on a wheel. (I bought one without actually ever spinning on one before...) If you have a passion for spinning, do it!

I wish I could tell you it gets easier; but, I am currently in the same boat. I thought, "oh, this will be so relaxing, it'll be great." Um, no. When my spindle is not on the floor it is being hurled through the air due to frustration! I think it will just take more practice, that and patience...

It does get easier. It looks so easy, but is not -- takes a lot of practice.

Go take a look here: http://www.yarnmuseum.com/first_skein/gallery1_first_skein.html

There are some sassy spinners whose first skeins look like a pro did it (well, perhaps they *did* become pros...) but the rest look like regular, normal first skeins.

I am one of the ones to whom spinning came like breathing. It's totally zen for me. But I've taught many, many new spinners who've had to really work at it, really want it, to make it work. (And some who got it with the first spin of the whorl...) My daughter didn't care much for the spindle, but cranked out enough yarn on my old Louet to make a hat for her hubby. Perhaps there's a wheel in your near future? (And is that a Golding I see you spinning on? Swoon...)

I ssssoooo can't figure out how to spin. It just looks like crap. Let's decide together that WE CAN DO IT and IT WILL GET EASIER. I'll pick up my spindle again (haven't touched it in months) and try along with you.

The drop spindle was not easy for me. In fact I nearly gave up on spinning altogether. Then about 9 months later I got to try a wheel of a friend of mine and I was hooked. I've now gotten the hang of the drop spindle and enjoy that nearly as much even though the production volume is nowhere near the same.

Indeed, relaxing and letting the fiber dictate what type of yarn it wants to be at the beginning is very valuable practice. You'll get it! And don't be afraid to ask questions if you have any!

I've gotta drop a name... Priscilla A. Gibson-Roberts. She rules, imo, as far as drop spindles go. "High Whorling" would be the book to go for, it's excellent! I totally promise it will get easier. I spin well on spindle or wheel, and honestly the best thing I can recommend (other than the book) is to just put your heart into it and let go of your tension, your expectations...Let it be what it is, and as you practice and observe you'll find yourself improving a little at a time. :)

It will, I promise. I agree with Joni; I just borrowed "High Whorling" from a friend, and it's fantastic. The best advice I've gotten is to practice for at least 20 minutes a day... and to love every bit of yarn I make!

I still have trouble with the drop spindle and it is not relaxing for me. The wheel and I, however, were made for each other from the get-go. I think it's a gravity thing. I'm not fighting gravity with the wheel, just feeding the fiber into it while the treadle settles into a soothing rhythm.

That top skein has such gorgeous colors! I'm also a very beginner spinner, and I've found that pre-drafting like crazy helps me produce more even yarn. I haven't touched my spindle in a while, I should pick it back up again and give it another go...

I tried spinning once, and after a long hard bit of thinking figured I was not ready yet. In time I will learn, but until then, I will live through your triumphs and hurdles. Good luck!

I'm taking a Drop Spindle 101 class next weekend - I've never tried it or seen anyone do it so should be "interesting" - stick with it - that blue stuff looks pretty good to me!

Oh my goodness, your start at spinning is soooo much nicer than mine, I wouldn't have been able to use mine for even felted items LOL. I now can spin stuff that I can actually knit with! Some times better than other times but still fun none the less. Once I gave up trying to be as good as other people who started at the same time I did, then it was soo much better. I spin on a wheel though and not a spindle, THAT would be WAY harder I think but you certainly got the hang of it! I think your yarn is pretty!!!! Good luck and yes, it does get easier, at least with a wheel!

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