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My Babies Are Thirteen!!!!

Happy Birthday DD#1 & DD#2!!

In the wee hours of January 12, 1994 a happy little family of three grew to 5.  Nothing has ever been the same since!  It's been a wild ride, but it's been wonderful.


Giggling in the garden, age 18 months.


Visiting their "Mutti"(that's my mom), age 3.


On the first day of kindergarten with their brother.


Halloween, in their kimonos, third grade.


Bjork and the tissue, Halloween, seventh grade.

How did we get to thirteen already?  Sigh.


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That is a great photo progression. They obviously have great senses of humor. Bjork and a tissue...that is too much.

Your girls are beautiful! I love the pic in the kimonos! Happy Birthday to them!

They grow up all too fast. What wonderful pictures.

Happy birthday, girls!

Happy Birthday!!! Gorgeous kids!

Ooof! 13?? I get a little breathless at my almost-6-year old!

You have a beautiful family.

Happy Birthday!! Happy Birthday!! Thank you for sharing such wonderful pictures of your gorgeous girls. :)

too cute!! happy birthday!! :-) i love the tissue... love it.

It comes way to fast doesn't it?Happy B-day DD's!Now you are officially teenagers!
Much love and sympathy to Mom.I don't know if I can handle my baby being 13.I have 3 more years to prepare for it.Sigh...

Congrats! And Happy Birthday DDs!

Those were fun "through the years" pictures, thank you for sharing!

Happy birthday to my brilliant, talented, and beautiful nieces! What wonderful pics, they bring back lots of memories.

Love from Auntie LJ

happy birthday DD#1 & DD#2!!!!

dude...in 1994, i was thirteen...oy oy oy. it's a good age, and they're lucky they'll always have each other. :)

They're really darn cute. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday!

And congrats, momma!

Happy b'days!

Happy Birthday to all of you!!!

And I accidentally emailed you the other day. Sorry! I realized after I sent it I hit the wrong email!

Time certainly does fly. Happy birthday to both!

TWINS!! Good one Kirstin! Happy birthday girls - the 'tissue' is hysterical.

Any 12-year-old who has the sense of humor to dress as Bjork for Halloween is a 13-year-old of whom I am a big fan. Tell me you made that costume!

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