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Just a Dusting


We finally got a bit of snow last night.  Most winters we'd have had a couple of good storms by now.  It was just enough for the high school to have a delayed opening.

That allowed some time to get the DS to model his new hat.  We'll be making some modifications.  It's a little pointy for his tastes.


I used the Ganomy hat pattern from Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitter's Almanac.  My decreases didn't work out correctly.  The side decreases ended up meeting at the center back before I reached the 14 stitches EZ ends her hat with.  It was probably the Rowan Scottish Tweed Chunky (found in the sale bin at Purl for 40% off!) that I knit very tightly on size 9 needles messing up my row gauge.  It'll be a warm hat though.  The plan is to rip back to the beginning of the decreases and give it a more rounded crown.


I just love those tweedy colors!


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you got about 3 times as much snow as we did here in MA! I'd say we got just about a dusting. The most we've had this year!

That hat is too cute! love the pointy top!

What a cute ganomy! I like it!

We were supposed to get a "dusting" as well, but alas, not snow for us in southern Connecticut. Perhpas this weekend.

Very nice - but very pointy. He could put somebody's eye out with that!! LOL I like it though, it's quirky. :) When I looked out to see if we had snow this morning, the only place it had stuck was on everybody's cars. What a pain!

I like the pointy. You'll always find him in a crowd! ;^)

Gorgeous bunny-face-full-o'-snow shot! I heart the tweedy Ganomy...some day perhaps I'll be able to afford some Scottish tweed...drat that grad school anti-salary!

Those are nice tweedy colors. Ah, Purlsoho, with my diet, I can only window shop.

Thanks for the encouragement with the hat!

I agree with Karen and Cookie - it's quirky and pointy and I like it.

The colours and yarn are amazing - as is that 2nd photo!

I really like the pointy! and the colors are great!

I've had the same problem every time I've knit that hat. My back and front decreases never work out to EZ's numbers so I just fudge a bit. My last one was in alpaca and I did a twisted cord and put a tassel on each end and threaded that through the point. Then it flopped down the back and looked kind of cute and less coneheadish. The tweedy yarn is gorgeous in yours!

Those tweeds are amazing! Definitely worth the rip-back!

Oh, I LOVE the hat the way it is!!! It looks like a dunce cap! HILARIOUS!Now I will have to make myself one.

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