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Is it the book or the knitting?

A funny thing happened during the photo shoot for our new Axel Mitts today.
DD #1 was reading while modeling, not uncommon in our home.


When something, or was it someone, emerged from the pages.  Was it a hobbit? An elf? A dwarf? We weren't sure.


Nonplussed, DD#1 shut the book to give her a more stable perch.  Our visitor seemed to have quite a sassy attitude.


She seemed a little startled to discover that she was so high off the ground.


But being the adventuresome sort, she simply dove off the book.  We haven't seen her since.


Pattern:  Axel Mitts from the Blue Garter
Yarn:  This and that from the stash, stranded together to get gauge.
A fun quick knit.

**If you've come over from Yarnival, thanks for stopping by!  You will find your way back to the latest issue of Yanival here.**


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What an awesome photo shoot.

Cute mitts and hilarious photos... they made me smile.

THAT is awesome!

Ya'll are so cool!

Hee hee hee hee hee :D

I've gotta make this pattern. Time to go dig through my stash...

Fantastic! I'd submit this baby to the next Yarnival if I were you....

what a cute photo shoot!!! cute mitts too - I have these on my stashbusting list to be hopefully done soon....

Super cute!!

This is just wonderful. I hope you'll submit it to the next issue of Yarnival!

How funny!!! I loved this so much, I called Pea over to see it too. He thinks you're very clever - and I agree!! :)

What a fun post!

You and your kids have so much fun...I love it! And I love those mitts too!

How very clever! Thanks for the chuckle:)

I love your version of the mitts - fuzzy! They look so soft and warm. I love that they read Tolkein, too. :) Glad you liked knitting them - I believe yours are the first complete pair in the land, since I still need to spin another single and then ply before I can finish my #2! Thanks for the inspiration to finish the job.

Adorable--the mist totally makes it!

Your photo shoots just keep getting better!

What a great post! Love the mitts - they look so soft and comfy!

Oh my! The mitts are wonderful, but this photo spread is truly the best! I've viewed it a couple of times now and it's just better each time. I think I might be a wee bit jealous of all the fun you have *G*

I LOVE this post. How clever! :)

Awesome job on the photos!

Great pictures!


This makes me happy in about twelve thousand ways -- the first few ways: the mitts are amazing colors and look so cozy (I promptly went over and bookmarked the pattern), and those photos are absolutely heartwarming, delicious, and inspiring! Thanks!!

Truly, this is one of my favorite blog posts ever...I hope you're submitting it to yarnival! You know I've long been admiring your daughters and all of your collective picture-taking wit, but this really takes the cake...

those pictures are sooooo great! Love them!

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