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Just a Dusting


We finally got a bit of snow last night.  Most winters we'd have had a couple of good storms by now.  It was just enough for the high school to have a delayed opening.

That allowed some time to get the DS to model his new hat.  We'll be making some modifications.  It's a little pointy for his tastes.


I used the Ganomy hat pattern from Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitter's Almanac.  My decreases didn't work out correctly.  The side decreases ended up meeting at the center back before I reached the 14 stitches EZ ends her hat with.  It was probably the Rowan Scottish Tweed Chunky (found in the sale bin at Purl for 40% off!) that I knit very tightly on size 9 needles messing up my row gauge.  It'll be a warm hat though.  The plan is to rip back to the beginning of the decreases and give it a more rounded crown.


I just love those tweedy colors!

Ampersand Free Pattern

I haven't finished the second sock of the pair that I showed you yesterday, but I thought I'd post the pattern anyway.  I'm working on a sample knit for another blogger, and I've got a deadline, so the second sock is on hold for now. 


I'm calling the new pattern "Ampersand".  It is named for Ampersand Mountain in the Adirondacks. Some of my best memories are of the summer vacations my family took to Saranac Lake in my carefree college days and the years just after graduation.  None of us would ever miss it. We'd  bring our friends, boyfriends, or husbands.  We would laze around on the dock reading, float in tubes on Upper Saranac Lake, windsurf, canoe and hike the surrounding mountains enjoying good company, and my mother's always impressive spread of food!  I'm feeling a little nostalgic for those days lately.  So I will pay tribute with the sock pattern.

Ampersand is knit from the top down on two circular needles.  I used Socks That Rock medium weight, in the Jingle Bell Rock colorway.  As always with my patterns, if you find any errors, please let me know so that I can adjust the pattern.  You will find the pattern in the sidebar.  I hope you like it.

I've been meaning to show you this gorgeous roving that I got from Susie at Perchance to Knit .  Isn't it pretty?   My spinning skills aren't up to this yet.  I think I'll save it until I can spin it well.  For now, I'm enjoying looking at it.

Oh my, I just checked out Susie's etsy shop to create the link.  She's added some delicious new stuff.  You'd better go have a peek.


A Box of Goodies From Finland!

The mailman brought a wonderful package from Finland today.  It's from my Knit Mitt Kit Swap pal Anna.


I don't know if you can tell from the photo, but I've already broken into the chocolate!  I couldn't even wait for the photo shoot for that!  Anna made me a beautiful felted bag in a rainbow of colors.  I really like the shape and scale of this bag.  It will be perfect for small projects.  She also sent the pattern for the Anemoi Mittens. I've been drooling over all of the Anemois that I've seen lately.  I'm so excited to knit this pattern.  There is some yummy Drops alpaca in ivory and a deep loden green, some DPNs and of course the delicious Finnish treats.  Thank you Anna.  I'm thrilled with it all!

Here's a closer shot of the bag.


I've got to dash out now to pick up the kids from school.  (Why does it seem I'm always writing my posts in a rush these days?)  But I will leave you with a picture of a new sock I've made, the mate is almost done, then I'll post a pattern.  I used Socks That Rock Medium Weight in the Jingle Bell Rock colorway.


Yesterday was the deadline to send out Knit Mitt Kits.  This is the bag I sent to my swap pal.  It's going overseas so I hope it doesn't take too long. 


Yarn: Lopi that's been laying around since my mom made everyone in the family an Icelandic sweater one Christmas in the early 80's.
Pattern:  None, made it up as I went along

I've also finished (finally) the socks from the Lisa Souza Yarn that my Sockret Pal sent.  I cast these on months ago.  I don't know what took so long, too many distractions I suppose.


Pattern:  None, they're just your basic run of the mill, 64 stitch stockinette sock with an eye of partridge heel flap (alway so pretty in handpainted yarn if you ask me.)
Yarn:  Lisa Souza, Lime and Violet colorway
Needles:  Addi Turbos size 1
Boots:  Frye, on sale Bay-bee!

After much thought and kind input in my comments, I decided to cast on for Demi in the Peace Fleece I got last week.  I can see already that this pattern will be a labor of love.  It's all of those darn knits and purls through the back of the loop.  I love the look of them, hate knitting them.  Demi is worth it though, it is such a gorgeous pattern.  There are two bloggers I really admire working on this pattern right now too.  I'm sure to find the inspiration to continue there.


Sorry about the lack of links.  I've got to get DS to the ophthalmologist.  We're late already.

Such A Long, Long Way To Go

Tell me to stick with this.  Tell me it gets easier.
I want to make pretty yarn like Kristi and Carole and Kristi, and the plethora of other amazing spinners out there.  I love to look at roving and to dream.  But I am not there yet.  There is nothing natural, let alone relaxing about spinning for me.


There was a woman at Rhinebeck, I don't know her name, we talked briefly as she spun on her drop spindle.  She made it look so easy, just pulling wool from the pack on her hip and spinning, spinning, spinning.  I don't think she ever paused.  It was just one continuous motion, smooth and relaxing.  I want to spin like that.


Please tell me this will get easier. . .

Is it the book or the knitting?

A funny thing happened during the photo shoot for our new Axel Mitts today.
DD #1 was reading while modeling, not uncommon in our home.


When something, or was it someone, emerged from the pages.  Was it a hobbit? An elf? A dwarf? We weren't sure.


Nonplussed, DD#1 shut the book to give her a more stable perch.  Our visitor seemed to have quite a sassy attitude.


She seemed a little startled to discover that she was so high off the ground.


But being the adventuresome sort, she simply dove off the book.  We haven't seen her since.


Pattern:  Axel Mitts from the Blue Garter
Yarn:  This and that from the stash, stranded together to get gauge.
A fun quick knit.

**If you've come over from Yarnival, thanks for stopping by!  You will find your way back to the latest issue of Yanival here.**

My Babies Are Thirteen!!!!

Happy Birthday DD#1 & DD#2!!

In the wee hours of January 12, 1994 a happy little family of three grew to 5.  Nothing has ever been the same since!  It's been a wild ride, but it's been wonderful.


Giggling in the garden, age 18 months.


Visiting their "Mutti"(that's my mom), age 3.


On the first day of kindergarten with their brother.


Halloween, in their kimonos, third grade.


Bjork and the tissue, Halloween, seventh grade.

How did we get to thirteen already?  Sigh.

Keeping The Kiddos Happy

DD #1 likes winter accessories.  Last year it was mitts.  I made her five or six pairs that she wore all day, everyday.  This year it's hats.  If the dress code at school would allow it, she would wear her hats all day at school.  As it is, she has one on whenever she's outside or at home.  When I knit all of those hats for Dulaan back in November, I promised her I'd make some for her too.  In the few free minutes I had during the holidays I managed to make two.  Sorry about the weak photos.  We got out a little late in the day for a decent photo shoot.


I used Lion Brand Cashmere Blend (72% Merino, 14% Cashmere, 14% Nylon) for this one.   I found it in a large craft store and decided to try it out.  It is very soft like Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran.  For the price, $7.99 for 84 yards, I'd get the Cashmerino.  The color choices on the Lion Brand are really limited and you get less yardage.  The quality of my photo is so poor it's hard to see the colors, but the hat is charcoal and light blue.  The only other options that the local craft store had were red, navy and camel.  Boring!!  The Lion Brand catalog has a few other colors, but all are equally basic.


Hat number two is Rowan Kid Classic with scraps of Kidsilk Haze and Brooks Farm Four Play.   I was trying to get a lacy effect with the Kidsilk Haze, but it didn't work out too well.  If I were to do it again, I would double strand the Kidsilk.  DD#1 loves it though.

Have you seen Sarah's new pattern, Axel Mitts over at the Blue Garter?  I just couldn't resist casting on a pair today. I finished one.  Hopefully I'll get its mate done tonight.   With any luck there will be well lit photos tomorrow.

Does Anyone Else Have Post Holiday Knitting ADD?

It must come of having a month with zero free time.  Between holiday preparations, my sister's wedding (I had to make two skirts for the DDs for that), my kid's music show(many, many trips back and forth to NYC), pattern submissions and gift knitting; there was no time to knit what I wanted. Oh no, those Korknisse don't count, they were like snack food, a quick handful here and there.  But now it is January 8th and my slate is blank, relatively so at least.  It all culminated this weekend when the kids performed in a wonderful folk music tribute.  They played and sang beautifully - Bojangles, Folsom Prison Blues, California Dreamin', The Boxer, American Pie, Big Yellow Taxi . . .

There are so many projects I have been brewing in my head for the past month.  I want to start them all - now!  It doesn't help that my reaction to not being able to start any new projects was to order more yarn.  The Peace Fleece arrived yesterday, the Lisa Souza, today.


Peace Fleece Worsted, Kamachatka Sea Moss.  I'm thinking Demi or the Must Have Cardigan, any other suggestions or opinions?  Something Zimmermann inspired perhaps?

I sat in the Point last week, waiting for the kid's rehearsal to end.  It was then that I realized, (and I don't know why it took me this long) it is impossible for me to sit in a yarn store and knit peacefully.  I am tortured by all of the yarn around me.  Every ball, hank and skein cries to me, "Take me home".  I had already purchased two lovely colors of Sweet Georgia Speed Demon Sock, but I couldn't stop there.  As I sipped my latte and knit my recently cast on lovely blue Malabrigo, I spied a bin of the most heavenly, earthy colored mohair from Be Sweet.  It really, really wanted me to combine its lovely color choices, and to become an airy little scarf, to be casually tied about the neck.  So I obliged the pleading yarn, and took some home with me.  The Be Sweet colors are Tobacco and Aubergine.


The green is Kidsilk Haze leftover from Kiri.  But they had a very similar color in the Be Sweet.


The pattern; Monette by Lucinda Guy from Rowan's Vintage Style.
I am not ashamed to admit that I love Mohair despite the itch factor.  That floaty, ethereal goodness is worth it to me.  Not to mention the luminous glow it gives whatever color it may be. 

My mother clearly knows what I like because this is what she gave me for Christmas:


It's Claudia Handpainted Kid Mohair, Color: Turquoise Jeans.  Mmmmmmmmm.  Two delicious hanks of the stuff.  She also gave me a copy of Victorian Lace Today.  Just think of the hours of pleasure I will have planning this project.


So I am happy to rejoin the ranks of the obsessed knitters, who are hopefully following their hearts and embracing their own knitting ADD with recklessness and joy now that peaceful January is here.