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Does Anyone Else Have Post Holiday Knitting ADD?

It must come of having a month with zero free time.  Between holiday preparations, my sister's wedding (I had to make two skirts for the DDs for that), my kid's music show(many, many trips back and forth to NYC), pattern submissions and gift knitting; there was no time to knit what I wanted. Oh no, those Korknisse don't count, they were like snack food, a quick handful here and there.  But now it is January 8th and my slate is blank, relatively so at least.  It all culminated this weekend when the kids performed in a wonderful folk music tribute.  They played and sang beautifully - Bojangles, Folsom Prison Blues, California Dreamin', The Boxer, American Pie, Big Yellow Taxi . . .

There are so many projects I have been brewing in my head for the past month.  I want to start them all - now!  It doesn't help that my reaction to not being able to start any new projects was to order more yarn.  The Peace Fleece arrived yesterday, the Lisa Souza, today.


Peace Fleece Worsted, Kamachatka Sea Moss.  I'm thinking Demi or the Must Have Cardigan, any other suggestions or opinions?  Something Zimmermann inspired perhaps?

I sat in the Point last week, waiting for the kid's rehearsal to end.  It was then that I realized, (and I don't know why it took me this long) it is impossible for me to sit in a yarn store and knit peacefully.  I am tortured by all of the yarn around me.  Every ball, hank and skein cries to me, "Take me home".  I had already purchased two lovely colors of Sweet Georgia Speed Demon Sock, but I couldn't stop there.  As I sipped my latte and knit my recently cast on lovely blue Malabrigo, I spied a bin of the most heavenly, earthy colored mohair from Be Sweet.  It really, really wanted me to combine its lovely color choices, and to become an airy little scarf, to be casually tied about the neck.  So I obliged the pleading yarn, and took some home with me.  The Be Sweet colors are Tobacco and Aubergine.


The green is Kidsilk Haze leftover from Kiri.  But they had a very similar color in the Be Sweet.


The pattern; Monette by Lucinda Guy from Rowan's Vintage Style.
I am not ashamed to admit that I love Mohair despite the itch factor.  That floaty, ethereal goodness is worth it to me.  Not to mention the luminous glow it gives whatever color it may be. 

My mother clearly knows what I like because this is what she gave me for Christmas:


It's Claudia Handpainted Kid Mohair, Color: Turquoise Jeans.  Mmmmmmmmm.  Two delicious hanks of the stuff.  She also gave me a copy of Victorian Lace Today.  Just think of the hours of pleasure I will have planning this project.


So I am happy to rejoin the ranks of the obsessed knitters, who are hopefully following their hearts and embracing their own knitting ADD with recklessness and joy now that peaceful January is here.


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YES! I have terrible knitting ADD so far, and just can't get into any project as yet! I'm glad I'm not the only one!

Oooooh, with all that great yarn and wonderful patterns, no wonder you have knitting ADD!!! I say, have fun with it. :)

I love Peace Fleece and really want to knit another cardigan with it.

oh wow! that hank of mohair from you mum is a real score. i can't wait to see what you turn it into.

i used my own peace fleece to make Grace from Rowan 27. It is pre-blogging so I dont have any pics - but I have to admit it is still one of my favourite winter cardigans when the days in Melbourne turn bitterly cold.

The Must Have Cardigan is oh-so-lovely (as is that Claudia handpainted)!

And I'd do exactly as you did if I ever found myself knitting and drinking latte in a yarn store. We don't have that 'system' down here. Our LYS leave a lot to be desired... x

I wear my Must Have Cardi more than any other sweater that I have made...it is a beautiful pattern and out of that Peace Fleece it would be perfect!

Enjoy the new purchases and gifts -- the mohair, especially, is yum!

Yes, ADD is alive and well here, too. I have at least six or seven projects going, and every day I'm tempted to start another one.

I think that being too busy has something to do with it - you just release if you have time and boom - a bunch of projects started! I'd vote for Demi in the peace fleece....love it!

I love mohair too and it itches me like crazy. After soaking my favorite scarf in a fabric softer wash and steaming it, I'm able to wear it for a half day. The fuzzy bloom is a bit tamed but worth being able to wear it.

I love your new acquisitions. I'm forbidden to buy anything for a while.

Good to see you back blogging, I missed it! (Not that I can talk, mine hasn't been updated since September! 0-:) Love the Be Sweet scarf, what pretty colours! I'm going to be spending the rest of my life knitting a v-neck pullover out of that luscious DK weight alpaca I bought at Rhinebeck, for my very tall husband. So I'm trying not to even think about any other projects for the time being.

So much lovely yarn! That definitely contributes to the ADD. I don't usually use mohair much, but I agree that the halo it makes can be quite irresistable! Can't wait to see what you decide to do with that gorgeous Peace Fleece!

What great shots of all the yarn. I think your right that peace fleece would probably look good in Rogue also. (However, the color is so beautiful, I can't see you going wrong in whatever you choose to knit from it. ) And your Shetland Triangle shawl in your previous post looks amazing! That is on my to do list, but I can't start yet. I'm trying (probably in vain) to hold my Knitter's ADD in check.

I agree. With all that drool-worthy yarn, it would be hard to decide what to do next. Heck,I'm having that trouble even without all the scrumptious yarn.

Glad you're back. You were missed! And especially glad that your absence was spent having such a great time..and music too! Wow!

I'm so boring, I've pretty much figured out exactly what projects I'm going to knit for most of the coming year. I'm trying to use a bunch of my stash yarn. Not to say that I might not deviate from the list when I see some shiny new project that I *must* have!

Well geez--if I didn't have ADD before, I do now. So. Many. Pretty. Colors!

Peace Fleece would be a great Rogue, as Christy suggested, but I'm in love with Demi right now, so I'll vote for that!

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