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The Insanity Continues

I woke up to the most glorious sunrise today.  The photo of course doesn't do it justice.  The orange was at least twice as vivid.


It's been pretty insane around here.  I was contacted by someone from Stitch and Bitch about one of my patterns a week or so ago.  They asked to use it for their 2008 calendar.  I had to do a "little" work on the pattern to bring it to their standards.  It turned out to be a total re-write.  A good learning experience for me, just poorly timed, being the week before Christmas.  I managed to finish that last night.  Now it's time to concentrate on baking cookies and wrapping gifts.  Luckily the able 15 year old DS is home today and has promised to help.  He'll be baking and wrapping all day, sweet boy.

The sweet boy taught me a trick on the m*c today.  (If you are wondering about the use of * to replace the "a" see Cara's post.) Just press "control, option, apple, 8", it makes your screen go into negative.  Try it if you are a m*c user.  It's useless but fun.

I finished my sister's (this is sister #2, mother of the cutie here, and uber-genius-faculty-at-a-major-university-over-achieving-phenom) gift a few days ago.  I just didn't get  a chance to photograph it until this morning.  It's the Shetland Triangle from Wrap Style.  I love the pattern.  It's the second time I've made one, and will no doubt knit it again.  I am a sucker for simple shawls.





Pattern: Shetland Triangle, by Evelyn Clark, Wrap Style
Yarn:  Brooks Farm, Four Play; 50%/50% Wool and Silk, yum
Needles: Knitpicks options, size, um, don't remember, was in too much of a knitting frenzy at the time
Time to knit:  About a week
Comments:  Love, love, love this pattern.  It's gorgeous in anything from lace to worsted weight.
Sorry, no links on the FO today, too busy.  Just google if you want more info, besides, everyone already owns Wrap Style.  Right?  If not, go get it from your  library, or add it to your wish list . . .

Speaking of gorgeous shawls, I was the lucky winner of one of Mim's patterns in the Knit Unto Others challenge.  Every one of her designs are wonderful, so it was hard to choose.  I ulimately chose Seraphim. I've seen so many beautiful versions on blogs and have been dreaming of making one myself. Oh, yes, we will be seeing this on the needles soon.

Now it's back to the insanity, and oh yeah, those two skirts (for DD#1 & DD#2) I need to sew for my sister's (sister #1 this time, also uber genius, but this time rebel-world-traveler-computer-guru-madly-in-love-with-very-sweet-man) wedding on December 31.  Sigh.

Merry Christmas.  (And happy belated Chanukah and Solstice too!)


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Your shawl is beautiful! You'll love knitting Seraphim, too. Happy Holidays!!

The shawl is gorgeous!!! I love the yarn!

Beautiful shawl; great color. You seem to knit these up really quickly. How long does one take?

That shawl is gorgeous!!!! :)

Your sister will love it! It's beautiful!


Merry Christmas!

Another beautiful shawl Kirsten - and your yarn choice is exceptional!

Merry Xmas. x

The Shetland Triangle Shawl is lovely. And Seraphim is a great pattern, you made an excellent choice. Merry Christmas!

That is quite the sunrise photo! And I love the shawl too, the autumnal colors are sooo pretty.
Happy Holidays to you and yours!

One word, yummy!

Happy Holidays!

Love your Shetland Triangle....but whose ST do I NOT love? Clearly your knits are much more well behaved then mine. Can I come over to play?

congrats on the pattern, and your Shetland Triangle looks fantastic -mmm mm! wool and silk!

oh you've done it again! That's gorgeous! And I'm sure the book stores are glad I read you because you're sure enabling my wish list. I got Folk Shawls this week and am so excited. Now for Wrap Style! And it's so good to know that your Rowanesque son is also a willing and able helper

what a beautiful shawl. you knit the most lovely shawls!
and a very safe and happy christmas to you and your family! xxx

Thank you for teaching me the trick on the m*c, hours of fun guaranteed there :)

The shawl is gorgeous.

Beautiful shawl! I really like your version of this pattern. I actually just bought this book today after looking at it tons of times in the bookstore. I have some FourPlay... now I have to decide if I want to use it up on this or Clapotis!

I love it! How stunning in the bigger yarn too! I have some Four Play in my stash, and I can't wait to knit with it. The Shetland is on my list too...

Hope you have a good Christmas~

Truly a beautiful sunrise!

Just discovered your blog -- GORGEOUS stuff! I love the shawl -- so pretty! I picked up a couple skeins of Four Play at Rhinebeck . . .

What a beautiful shawl!!

Beautiful shawl! Happy New Year to you too.

Your lace knits turn out so lovely! Shetland Triangle really is a versatile pattern, and yours looks beautiful.

How much of the Four Play did you use? I have some Brooks Farm Yarn that isn't too terribly variegated...

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