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Mom, Don't Read This Post!!!

My mother's Christmas present is done.  It was hard not to wear it myself this weekend.  It would have worked perfectly with the outfit I wore to that Holiday Party on Friday. . .

DD#2 likes it well enough to give it a little dance.



And for those of you still with me, here are some close up shots. 

I love the gentle, wavy curves where the garter stitch meets the horseshoe lace.  Pretty.




Pattern:  Wool Peddlers Shawl from Folk Shawls
Yarn: Art Yarns Utlramerino 4, 3 1/2 50 g. skeins
Needles: Knitpicks Options US 5
Comments:  The Wool Peddlers Shawl is a wonderfully simple pattern.  The garter stitch gets a little boring after a while, but once you get to the lace it just flies off the needles.


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That is just spectacular, you did a great job. I bet your mom will be wowed!

Beautiful! What a great gift!

So, so pretty - the color is just slightly varigated enough - beautiful!!!!

What a beautiful shawl...your mother is sure to love it. I like the slightly more folk-iness of this shawl, versus the typical super-laciness of most shawls - if I ever make a shawl, it'll likely be one like the Wool Peddler's shawl.

And DD#2's dress and shoes are fantastic--how stylish she is!

Beautiful shawl and wonderful color. I must get that book!

It's beautiful. And your photos are fantastic, as always.

Your daughter has a future as a Stevie Nicks impersonator!

Your lace is gorgeous. I love me some Artyarns.

Beautiful! That would be a great project with handspun. Shows off the yarn so beautifully.

Deliciously beautiful! The Wool peddler is one of my favorite shawl pattern and I haven't done it yet! I always thought I have to do it in red, but hey, your's looks fantastic. I think I have to push the wool peddler up my to do list. I could use a shawl right now. I think you like greenish/blueish colors a lot?! ;o)

Beautiful shawl! Your mother will be so happy to have it. And I love DD#2's dress! Such pretty pictures.

I love the shawl!! Very pretty and it looks warm and cozy. I think you should include a framed photo of your daughter dancing with her grandma's shawl with the gift. The pictures are awesome. It'd probably be hard for your mom to choose which she likes better!

Your Mom is very lucky! The Wool Peddlers shawl is such a lovely simple pattern and in that Ultramerino - Splendid!

I'll do anything simple just to finish off these last few christmas knits and your shawl sounds like just the item! Thanks for sharing!

The shawl is gorgeous! I love DD#2's dress too!

How very beautiful!! Your mom is going to love it. :)

it's beautiful! And your photography is great - like always!

Lovely shawl! The pix of DD#2 make me want to get up and do a little dance==so joyous!

You are tough to get ahold of...I couldn't find an email link on your blog....I work for Debbie Stoller on her Stitch 'n Bitch projects and I have a proposal for one of your free patterns. PLEASE email me back asap at jenniferw@bust.com

Your work is BEAUTIFUL

Beautiful pictures... I love how the shawl turned out... it's going to have to go on my 'shawls to do' list.

Wow, the color, the simplicity of the pattern, the gorgeous-ness,...! That's a great knit. Your mom's really lucky!

It's beautiful, and the pictures of your daughter dancing are priceless, they'd make a lovely compliment to the scarf for your mum's gift.

it's absolutely gorgeous! i love the pattern and the yarn, i haven't tried artyarns yet but it's been on my list.
the photos of your daughter are classic. :0) x

Too sweet; that's a beautiful stitch and colour. I also love that it's designed to be worn by a wool peddler?
I hope your mother adores it.

Your mother is going to be thrilled! What a labor of love. The color is magnificent. Great photos as usual! :)

what a beautiful shawl! i think this is a perfect pairing of yarn and pattern...simply fabulous! your mom will love it!

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