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When a girl gets to the point where she has so much to do that she can't focus on any one thing, there is only one thing to do.  She should take a break and read a few blogs.  There is only one danger in this.  In her fragile state the girl is very easily distracted and will immediately jump in and follow her whim of the moment.  Luckily, this foray into denial will be such a quickie that she will barely remember what or how it happened.  Now all she needs is a cork, and we all know where these can be found. . .


Pattern found here.
Inspiration seen here.
Yarn: Rowan Kid Classic
Needles: Lantern Moon rosewood US 3 DPNs (It might have been as much about wanting to take these lovely needles for a test drive as about the adorable korknisse.)
Time to knit: (including digging the yarn out of the stash) 15-ish minutes
Thank you Elliphantom and Saartje.


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Arg! You're not helping my efforts to resist the 'nisse! I keep telling myself I'll make them for next Christmas, but I don't think I can wait any longer. There's that big bag of corks in the basement...

He's soooo cute!!!

Wicked cute!

Thanks Kirsten, now you've got me looking for my DPNs... x

Oh how cute! You do find the most interesting things!

Teh cute! I know where to find corks, too. Luckily, they are naked (but not for long. . .)

Oh my goodness, how cute!!!! Now I want to make a whole slew of those too. They would make great embellishment so Christmas gifts!!! I'd better get Pea to start slugging down some wine. Okay, okay, maybe I'll save up some corks and plan them for next year. :)

Sooo cute!

Love it!

so cute! i just finished a few too! what a quick and simple gift idea!!

Now that is very cute and creative!

He's so cute!

Thank you for the giggle. You just saved my morning.

He is adorable! I am thinking how I can make a few for my little ones, what could I use to put them on...any ideas?

Oh, that is cute! Must make some.

Oh my goodness, I've got to make a couple of these!

So very cute. I like the thumb idea:)

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