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Hats Unto Others


I set a goal for myself to knit a hat a day for the past 9 days.  I succeeded, plus one!  My last post showed the first five.  Below are the last 5.  These will all be going to Dulaan.  Now my daughters want some of their own.  They'll have to wait though.  I've got some Christmas knitting to do first!

November 29


November 30


December 1


December 1-2


December 2


So as Knit Unto Others ends, I have completed 11 items to donate to charity.   They are my ten hats for Dulaan, and one scarf for the Red Scarf Project.   There's still plenty of time to knit for either of them, so be sure to check out the links.  A quickie hat or scarf on some big needles really won't take you too long. 


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How could you?! Making one gorteous hat after another! I almost wish I were an Mongolian child. They'll be so happy to recieve those beautiful hats!

Well done! They are all beautiful. I know they will be prized possessions for the recipients.

You're such a generous talented woman!

Excellent work! Congratulations on not only knitting some gorgeous hats, but reaching your goal.

Holy Cow! You are amazing! They are all so gorgeous! I wouldn't be able to choose a favorite. How fun!

All of the hats are gorgeous! What a wonderfully generous knitter you are. The recipients will be so proud to have such beautiful handknits!

You're amazing, talented and kind. Very, very kind. The hats will be cherished. x

That's so awesome. And the hats are beautiful!


You're awesome! And that's a big stack a awesome hats hot off tha needles!

Wow--what a gorgeous stack of hats. You're accruing some major knitting karma with this project!


The hats are gorgeous and your generosity is wonderful. Congrats on meeting your goal!

What a wonderful thing to do. I have some yarn in the stash that would make a great Red Scarf--may have to get involved in that one.

Wow! I am so impressed with your generosity and with your speed! You are rocking my knitting world. I've entered you in the Dulaan contest, and I thank you so much for creating these warm works of art!

Great job!!! Your hats are all gorgeous and you are supporting some great causes. :)

Fantastic effort!!!! A hat a day is one thing, but to do with them the colour detail. Wow!!! Good work!

They're all gorgeous but December 1 is my fave! I know all those hats will be very much appreciated.

Those are amazing! What lucky recipients, and how generous of you!

Wow! Completely amazing and humbling! I found you through Black Dog Knits, and I'm so glad I did.

Your generosity sets a high standard indeed.

Happy holidays to you and yours. And may we all follow in your footsteps and give 'til we can't give any more!

Beautiful, beautiful hats that will make some children very happy. My mother worked in Mongolia for 6 months and she took loads of knitted items to distribute, the need there is huge.

Beautiful hats! Congrats on reaching your goal! Those lucky kids.

Fabulous hats! There's nothing like doing something you love and helping others at the same time.

My hat is off to you, Kirsten! Those are awesome hats and it is wonderful for you to be giving them away to help keep others warm. Bravo!

Those are all great - what an accomplishment!

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