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I hope you don't mind being distracted by non-knitting content.   I have been doing a lot of knitting, (the gift kind of course) but it simply looks like a big, lumpy, pile of brown wool at this point.  Hopefully it will look like something worth posting in the next few days.

Normally, as I sit knitting, I am distracted by the baskets of yarn  around me and the dreams of all of the wonderful projects I want to make.  But this time of year, the Christmas decorations come out and I get the urge to make ornaments.  There is no time for such whimsies this year, as I have over committed myself in many areas of my life.  So, all I have to show are things I've made in years past.

For a couple of years I was totally hooked on making beaded ornaments.  I must have made hundreds.  Quite a few were sold, but I have about 20 that I hang on my tree each year.  I still have boxes and boxes of beads waiting for me to get the time to make more.



Then there were the painted ornament years.  I was doing a lot of decorative painting for a friend who owned a store at the time.  So when the holidays rolled around I started painting Christmas balls.  The addition of a few birds or insects made them more interesting to me.  I sold a few of these in her shop, but mostly they were for myself.




The new Yarnival is up.  Julie Frick did a wonderful job editing this month.  I admire her for taking on such a monumental task at such a busy time of year - and doing it so well!  I'm very pleased to be in Yarnival this month.  Next month it's Carole's turn.  Don't be shy, send her a submission

Finally, I want to welcome a new friend to the knit blog community.  Her name is Ravi and I met her while knitting one night at the Point.  She is a very talented knitter, and the kind of person I could talk to for hours about various knitting obsessions.  Stop by her blog and say "hello".

Have a good week everyone.  With any luck I'll get a second post in latter this week.  No promises though.


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Those ornaments are gorgeous! If you are not feeling up to using your extra beads for oranements you could always make stitch markers to pretty up your lace projects and such...

I love those beaded ornaments! Thanks for the Yarnival shout out, too.

Aw, what pretty ornaments! My mom and I used to make ornaments when I was little--but more like the dough variety--and it brings back such happy memories!

Those are great ornaments. I've gotten kind of sad that we don't do a tree. Seeing all the great handmade ornaments around the blogophere this year has me wishing we had a tree to hang such things on.

I love them. x

Wow, those are so pretty!!! Is there anything you CAN'T do??? I don't think so!!! :)

I pursuit all your links, that I forgot to leave a comment. Your christmas tree ornaments are very beautiful! The pictures as well, as usual. I so enjoy your pics and entries. I'm going to make the wool peddler next and it's your fault. I'll be using Artyarns too, but Ultramerino 6 (or 8? too lazy to check) and a different color of course, but yours impressed me so much!

Wow, those are all gorgeous! I think we all have the same problem...so many interesting project, way too little time!

Oh I love them all, but especially the one with the little red-headed bird. You are just so talented.

Those handpainted ornaments are beautiful - so much work! The little birds on top are adorable.

Aaargh! Those ornaments are gorgeous! I particularly like the beaded ones. The colors and designs are truly exquisite.

Do you want to give out the secret of the beaded ornaments? how do you make them?

God Jul (merry christmas in Norwegian)
-Solveig from Norway

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