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You May Think At First I'm As Mad As A Hatter. . .

I've knit a hat a day since Friday.  I can't stop!  I'm finding them the perfect place to experiment with color and patterning.   I have piles of single balls of yarn, so this could go on and on. . . I'm casting on another one as I upload the photos.  Four out of 5 of these were done by making a basic 96 stitch hat and adding stitch patterns that I dreamed up or found in books.  My favorite is the last one, but maybe that's because it is freshly off my needles.  The yarns I used are a combination of Cascade 220, Patons Classic Merino and Elann Peruvian Highland Wool.  The hat with the rolled brim is Lorna's Laces Bullfrogs and Butterflies and Araucania Nature Wool Bulky.
These will all go to the Dulaan Project

November 24


November 25


November 26


November 27


November 28


DD #2 is home sick today so I dragged her outside for a quick photo shoot. 


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They are all beautiful! Your future brother in law loves the brown fair isle and says any time you want to make him one...lol. I love the rolled brim look and I think I'll make one like that.

Great hats! The colors and different patterns are great! So many things you can do with 96 sts!

Holy Shit!! That's so cool! :D

Great Hats Great use of color!!

I wish I knit that fast. :D

Those are great! I think I'm partial to the last one too.

They are all wonderful but I do particularly like 11/26.

Those are some great color combos!


You're really on a roll. :D

I'm impressed with the mad hatter knitting!

WOW - What fun!! I need to do some 96 stitch hats and play too. My favorites SO FAR are the 1st and the last. There will be some happy, warm, beautiful heads in Mongolia for sure!

Way to go girl!You rock the needles this week for sure!I like the midle one and the last one best but they are all gorgeous.

Once again, some awesome knitting on your blog!! I can't believe you are cranking out a hat per day, with such beautiful colorwork on them!! Seem like the perfect stash-busting projects though. I hope DD feels better soon - did you actually drag the poor kid out of her sick bed to model hats?? (Just kidding!!)

Every one of those hats is GORGEOUS!! Really, wildly, beautiful. You've inspired me...although I really don't think I have the color sense to even approach that kind of gorgeousness. Just lovely.

Wow, excellent hats! How do you have time to do anything else?!? You're a knitting maniac. Congrats!

Oh my goodness they are so beautiful! I think my favorite is the last too. I feel so inspired to go out and knit some hats.

They are all so lovely! I'd like them all, please! ;o)

I love them all but especially 11/26 and 27. I don't know how to do this but I think I should learn and a hat sounds like a fun way to do it. And, if I am really careful, I can count to 96!

They're all so great! What a wonderful contribution to Dulaan.

Dang you're creative! They're all gorgeous!

Wow - you are one fast knitter! All of your hats look great!

you are a knitting machine! those hats are beautiful! I hat a day?! what am i doing with my time?!

I am in love with the last one. I find myself very attracted to that chocolate/victorian blue combo. I also still love the first one. Nice job hat lady!

Wow, that's a lot of pretty hats. Dulaan is lucky to have you.

they are all beautiful
I've only started doing hats this year and find them to be very satisfying and a great use of half used skeins. I love the fair-isle ones, esp as this is one skill that I have yet to make any headways into mastering

They are all so beautiful! Hope DD feels better real soon! She's a good sport.

They are all stunning.

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