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Red Scarf

Thanksgiving weekend allowed me quite a bit of knitting time and it has been exclusively Knitting Unto Others.  I finished my Red Scarf Project scarf a few days ago.  Today I finally got around to offering the bribes involved in getting the photo shoot done.  I have mentioned before that it usually takes offers of chocolate to get the Lad to model.  So for the price of a few Toblerones I present my Red Scarf.  Pardon the sullen posture, he has been sick all weekend. 




Pattern:  My own.  I'll be posting a free pattern for it soonThe free pattern is now available in the sidebar.
Yarn:  Cascade 220, two colors, one hank each
Needles: US 7 Knitpicks Options
Finished Measurements: Approximately 6"x63"
Lad:  Fifteen-year-old-funky-bass-playing-son

Notes:  A pre-blocking photo can be seen here.  It had a puzzle piece look that I really liked.  I needed to block it to get the length required for the Red Scarf Project.  I still like it.  It's just a different look.  In the comments of the same post, my Sockret Pal suggested that it would make an "awesome afghan".  I couldn't agree more!  It would be such a great vehicle to play with color, much like a quilt.  When I write up the pattern, I also plan to include instructions on how to make it into an afghan.

Added later:  The free pattern is now in the sidebar.  As always with my patterns, please let me know if you find any errors so that I may correct the pattern.  I would love to see your photos if you chose to make the scarf.  I will put them in my reader gallery album.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.  Enjoy.

More Dulaan hats coming soon.  I've got 3 done already.


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This scarf is absolutely gorgeous! I said it before.

Love the scarf, can't wait for the pattern! And I like the brooding musician look...

It's a great scarf! I really like the pattern, and love how the shape of the bass is reflected in the pattern. Coincidence? The boy looks very cool and very cute!

It's lovely! Well worth the bribing.

I love that scarf.Can't wait for the pattern.I like scarves but get quickly bored with garter or stockinette.Looks like it would be really fun to knit.

Awesome, awsome scarf! I love the pattern. At first glance I thought it was some kind of fabric- not knit. I will be looking forward to the paterrn for both the scarf and afghan!

Well, well, well...you have been busy! And we LOVE the sullen posture -- very Rowan pattern book -like. :D

Love the scarf and am so glad to meet you. This is a first visit to your blog. I'll put the photo in the RSP07 blog gallery.

THAT is fantastic!

I'd say those were some Toblerones well spent. ; ) Nice scarf!!

Very cool scarf! I've been putting off starting my red scarf, but definitely want to do one. The project seems very worthwhile. I feel like I have to get one or two holiday gifts done first, but I think I have til sometime in January for the scarf. I love your pattern!

The scarf is wonderful - someone will be really lucky to receive that one.

Gorgeous scarf and gorgeous son. Like Norma, first thing I thought of was that he needed to be a Rowan model. Might even pay more than Toblerone although that's a good wage!

I love how the scarf came out, it is very fresh looking. Love the photos too!

Cascade 220 never looked so good!

Great scarf - you are so talented to be writing all of these patterns!! Your model did a wonderful job as well!! :)

I love the scarf!!! I can hardly wait for the pattern. :)

What a great scarf! I love the texture. Thanks for the pattern.

Wow - that scarf really pops! Great pic (as always). I am sure that the recipient will adore it. :)

I love that scarf! It looks really knit blocked and unblocked. :D

You have the best models ever. Thanks for the pattern.

oooh - gorgeous scarf! Yowza. I need to add yet another thing to my knitting list LOL

Great scarf and love the hepcat look. I'm a transplanted Jersey Girl (Essex County) living in MN. Nice ta meetcha.

that came out great - i love the striping!

That scarf looks great. I do like the puzzle look of it unblocked, but it looks awesome blocked too.

No need to apolozie for sullen lad as that is the standard look in all the knitting rags! DH teases me about it all the time!

Love the picture! A good reason to have children -- knitting models. That gives me something to think about.

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