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Of Knitting for Dulaan, and Why Ninety Six is a Magical Number


I had an epiphany today.  It occurred to me what a useful number 96 is for knitting hats.  Some of you may already realize this and be saying to yourselves, "Yea, big deal, that's obvious".  But it took me until this morning.  You see, 96 divides evenly into so many numbers; 2,3,4,6,8,12,16,24,32&48.  Imagine the possibilities for stitch patterns, fair isle & lace. Best of all it works out nicely for knitting hats at a worsted gauge.  This hat fits my 7 year old nephew, and my 40 something year old sister.  If there was a perfect knitting number this would be it.  Ninety six would work out pretty well for the front or back of a sweater in my size too.   So many ideas swirling around.  Another Dulaan hat has already been cast on.





Pattern:  Cast on 96 stitches on a size 7 needle, and start having fun with scraps of yarn.  Easy.
Yarn:  Main color Cascade 220, others scraps from the stash.
Needles:  US size 7
Model:  Adorable 7 year old nephew

Gotta go.  DH is calling me to go out to dinner.  No leftover turkey for me tonight.


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Is there anything you can't knit?Lace, fair isle,sock knitting fiend-I am totally in awe of your knitting ability.I can only hope I am half as good as you someday.
DH treated me to dinner out as well.No leftovers woohoo!!!

The hat is great - And I'd hardly call that just "fooling around" with scraps.

Beautiful hat! Love those multiples of 24, so many factors, so little time!

Niiice! 64 is my magic number when I'm knitting a bulky gauge hat. I think I'll take your clue and consider 96 The Number for worsted weight hats! ;)

Today is also my "96" day: had the same thoughts about it!
And I really like the top of the hat, the colours and the model!
Groeten uit Holland.

Cute hat!

Ninety-six over here, too. :D

Heh, you should see what happens when I 'fool around with scarps'!
And thanks for the tip... I didn't have a clue about 96.

What a great tip! That is some gorgeous knitting for a cold Mongolian.

i love how you math whizzes figure out all of this neat stuff for us more 'creative' types who can't add (or sew) let alone see patterns in numbers...

I love that hat!! :D

I had to figure out 96 the hard way after a few bad cast on's. *L*

By the way, the adorable nephew is only 6 and 1/2, not 7 years old. He's my baby...please don't make him grow up any faster than he already is...

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