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My Sockret Pal has struck again!  This time she sent a lovely shawl pin from Designs by Romi.  Scout is selling them over at Scouts Swag.  It is very elegant and simple - exactly what I would have chosen for myself!  Now perhaps I'll be able to keep my shawls from slipping off my shoulders!


Knit Unto Others
is in full swing.  I've been working on my contribution for the Red Scarf Project.  I'm using Cascade 220 and switching between red and a heathery wheat shade.  I'm enjoying the way the pattern looks as if it connects like puzzle pieces at the color changes.  I hope to get some time to knit a couple of hats for Dulaan as well before I get back to all of the holiday knitting.


Happy Monday!


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I like the pattern for the scarf - it does indeed look like puzzle parts fitting together!

The puzzle scarf is so cool and unique...and hooray for shawl pins! Got my fingers crossed that there will be no more lacy absconders from your shoulders in the streets of NY!

wow, you are spoiled rotten! well, maybe not rotten, but definitely spoiled. :P
nice scarf! it really does look like pieces of a puzzle put together... :)

This scarf looks awesome! Love it! The needle is beautiful, simple but elegant, very nice!

I love the red and wheat scarf. The texture is really great.

Love the scarf.That pattern would make an awesome afghan.Glad you like the shawl pin.Happy holiday knitting!

Heh, your pal got it sooo right - the pin is perfect for you!
And that scarf is amazing (as is the photography). I'd love to see it on... x

Well, after the tragedy of the lost shawl you deserve to be spoiled and I think your Sockret pal got it just right!

I love that scarf; what a clever look with the color changing puzzle pieces.

The pin is beautiful and I love the scarf it is resting on.

I have not seen that pattern before. Did you find it in a stitch dictionary?

You are really spoiled by your sockret pal - that shawl pin is beautiful!

Great scarf, and great pal!

Beautiful shawl pin!!!!

That is one groovy scarf pattern! I love it! The shawl pin is beautiful too, very elegant.

Gorgeous projects. Love the scarf. Now, do I need a shawl pin? Probably. Off to "scout" one out.

That pin is beautiful! And your red/brown scarf looks like it's a cool pattern. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I was so happy that Daphne's mom sent me that pic. Happy Thanksgiving!

Oooo, that is a great looking scarf! It does indeed look like the pieces interlock. Do you think my blind mom would be able to do that stitch pattern? That would make for a great baby blanket I think!

Oh the pin looks sooooo pretty!!!

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