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Pattern:  Kiri from All Tangled Up - Thank you Polly for such a wonderful free pattern.
Yarn:  Rowan Kidsilk Haze, color 597, 2 balls plus about 10 yards from a third
Needles:  Knitpicks Options US size 7
Finished Size:  60 x 30"
Comments:  Having knit both Kiri and Rowan's Birch, I prefer Kiri.  The edging pattern and the center increases give the shawl a more structured, finished look.  I also find starting with three stitches and increasing to the desired size is a much more convenient way to knit shawls.

Just in case you haven't already heard, Irene over at Designer Knits is having a battle with one of her co-workers.  He writes a football blog and has been giving her a hard time for being a knit blogger.  They have come up with a challenge.   In Irene's words:  "The official blog wars bet has been finalized. If football blogger remains ahead of me in terms of readers by the end of the year, I have to knit him something. If I overtake him, he has to learn to knit, and make something of his own."   So, go over and add her to your bloglines!  Let's show that football fool what a great community we have.  You won't regret it, Irene's blog is funny and loaded with wonderful photos. 


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Your Kiri is just wonderful - I love the color and the photos are spectacular. And I agree that Kiri is a better pattern than Birch.

Kiri was my very first lace! Yours looks fabulous! I went over & commented on Irene's site too. My football-watching husband doesn't "get" the blog scene at all, & I'm betting there are plenty of other guys like him. I'm guessing Irene's coworker may be surprised by the results of this bet.

Kiri is stunning! Gorgeous photo shoot too.

Gorgeous as always.One of these days I will have to try some lace.Just don't have the patience for it right now.Looks great!

Just stopping by from Lacevember. Kiri is gorgeous. Love the color and the pattern is so pretty. I'll definitely be adding this to my long list of "want to's."

Kiri is darned gorgeous!! And, of course, love that Rowan Kidsilk Haze. And lovely woodsy photo shoot!

Thanks for the comment on my Salina! And come, now...you don't really want to stop reading my blog...I promise the avalanche of FOs is done and over!

Your Kiri is so so pretty and the landscape and chair are beautiful too!

I love your Kiri! It's beautiful!

Beautiful photos that truly do honor to a beautiful FO! Congrats.

Oh, I love your photos! Kiri is beautiful, and so is that chair!!! Perfect!

Kiri is beautiful.

Absolutely gorgeous!!! Must try both the pattern and the yarn.

beautiful shawl!!! love it! i've done the birch from rowan that is similar and i just love it!! as for the football blog challenge, i will so help out! Has the football guy heard of the Boise State player who is a nasty crocheter? It's in the latest ESPN mag... he'll be learning to knit soon enough!

Aaah, Kiri. She looks so elegant in all her greeness. Nice poses:)

What are you trying to do, make us weep??

Everything is beyond gorgeous.

Your Kiri is lovely! Love that green kidsilk haze color! I need to find a fancy-pants chair and stunning landscape to model my knitwear on...

WOW! Your Kiri is beautiful. I love the photo staging as well.
Thanks also for the shout out. I hope you come enter the photo contest!

I saw your post on Lacevember. Kiri is simply stunning!!

I'm going over to Irene's blog now so that we can teach those football bloggers a thing or two, LOL.

Oh I just LOVE your blog. Wonderful knitting items, and awesome photo shoots. You have such a great eye.

I'm hopping on over the check out Irene now. We can't let a football blog win!!

Kidsilk haze you say? Gorgeous photos with a well styled FO? AND a free pattern? De, de de de de … wandering over for the free pattern, completely sold by what I have seen. Fine job!
now, on to designer knits. We'll settle that dudes hash. heh, heh, heh.

Your Kiri is gorgeous, the photos are lovely, and what a perfect colour for the pattern. Well done!

Kiri is fantastic! Really lovely.

Exquisite! The colour and pattern are perfect together. x

I thought I had left a comment alreday, but no. I LOVE the color, oh my god. It looks so delicate! Nice pictures too.

mmm—that kiri looks scrumptious! like key lime or kiwi fruit . . . just gorgeous!

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