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A Week and A Day

At the urging of Susan, I decided to knit up one of my Rhinebeck, Socks That Rock purchases.  I made knee socks for DD#2.  The yarn is their medium weight, so they knit up very quickly on US size 3 needles.  A week and a day for a pair of knee socks isn't bad in this house.





I know they don't quite reach her knees.  It's as far as I could go.  Below is all the yarn I had left.
It's a good thing she has thin legs and feet.  I'd have never had enough if those size 9 1/2 feet of hers were wide!



Yarn:  Socks That Rock Medium Weight
Colorway:  Waterlilies
Needles:  Addi Turbos US size 3
Pattern:  Sock Wizard for Mac - I love it, put in her measurements and poof, the math is done for me!


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Very nice!

They turned out great!

The socks look great! Did you use two skeins or just one? And what's this Sock Wizard?!?!? Where can you get it?!?!? (I have a Mac as well)

Those are so cute! I hope Hannah doesn't see this post or she'll be wanting a pair, too.

At least, you won't have to wonder what to do with the leftovers. ;^)

Great job!

Those are great - it's amazing how tall a pair you can get out of one skein!

I love the socks! A week and a half for a pair - not bad at all. I'm like a month and half, if I'm lucky. lol.

Your kid wears a size 9 1/2. Holy cow. Have you feeding your kids fertilizer? ;)

Great socks! Your dd is one lucky girl (and she shares my shoe size!)

Those socks are so cool!!! I think a week and a day is pretty speedy too. Love them!!

oOoh! *mental note* i have some STR medium weight lying around. as if i didn't have enough socks to knit (i started another one on sunday)...i would never have guessed your daughter's feet were 9.5's! mine are only 7's and they have been since i was in 9th grade. dang. your kids are probably taller than i am, too. haha!

Oh yay! Finally I get to see STR that is knit up, and it's absolutely wonderful! I love how the colors play. Must, must have some of this some day. Thanks loads..and I think you are a very speedy knitter~

Cute socks. I really like the photos, too. It looks like I could get a pair of knee-highs out of that with my short legs and small feet. Thanks for the info!

These socks are fabulous!
I won the skein of Ocean you donated as a prize for Karen at Musing of a Mostly self-taught knitter, and it is so beautiful! I feel so lucky to have it! Stay toned for what I use it for!!!!

Great looking pair of socks and love all these wonderful closeup shots. The heel especially! Just beautiful!

They are beautiful! I wish I had the patience to knit knee highs!


Those are super cute!

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