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A Sad Story


I lost  my Swallowtail shawl on the streets of Manhattan tonight.  It just quietly slipped from my shoulders.  I frantically retraced my steps, but to no avail.  I hope Swallowtail finds its way to someone who understands.  I'm sad.


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Oh no! I'm so so sorry! I would be so sad too. Hugs!

Are you serious?? I'm so sorry. I'd be all mopey and blue if that happened to me. :( You should partake in some yarn-aquisition therapy to help you through your loss.

I am SOOOO sorry to hear this.

I had just visited your blog to see what yarn you used for it as I sw it on the KAL and thought how beautiful it looks. I would be crying if it was me. I'm so sorry, retail therapy is def the answer. ;)

You're taking the loss so gracefully.

oh no!!
I quietly mourn for your swallowtail. I do hope that it has fluttered to someone who will understand it for the piece of gorgeousness that it is!

Oh no! You have my sympathy, that's terrible. May I suggest some yarn therapy.

Oh, that is so so sad. I think you need to buy some more yarn to soothe your soul.

Oh, how awful. I lost a handknit mitten once but a shawl? That's truly tragic.

oh that's terrible. I'm so sorry!

Oh that is sad. Hopefully it found it's way onto someone's shoulders who needed the comfort of a beautiful, handknit shawl.

i sure hope whomever finds your shallowtail realizes that they just found gold!....hmmmm a little trip to the yarn store today to make you feel better!

Oh, no!!!I'm sitting here slack-jawed at your post! I certainly hope that the person who found it loves it like you did. Perhaps time for Swallowtail 2.0?

a bit more....I didn't recognize it from the above photo, but that shawl is one of the knits I recognized at Rhinebeck from the blogs I read. Again, it was beautiful. I'm sorry.

Oh no, that is so very sad. I'd be SO upset. :( It was so very beautiful. I'm so sorry.

Aiiyiyiyi! Heartbreaking!

Oh, no! So sorry to hear about your poor, poor unintentionally orphaned shawl...yarn therapy is, indeed, necessary, I'm afraid. My condolences for your loss. :o(

Sniff sniff. :(:( So sad. So very sad.

I just hope the person who found it appreciates the beauty of that gorgeous handmade shawl. I left my Ene's Scarf at a restaurant once, the relief I felt when I went back and it was right there was staggering.
I'm so sorry!

I am so sorry about your swallowtail.Hopefully whoever finds it will appreciate it beauty and craftsmanship.What a tragic loss.You do still have Kiri to comfort you though.As fate would have it I have already sent you something that should help you "hang onto Kiri".Hope it helps ease your pain.

oh no! i will say a prayer that it's warming someone deserving. i feel for your loss! truly heartbreaking.

Noooooooooooooo! It's so frustrating to lose anything, but a handknitted shawl!? Arghh.

I join all in hoping whoever found it will appreciate its handknitted loveliness and enjoy wearing it.

Oh no! That is so sad. Hopefully it will find a new home with someone who appreciates its beauty,

OMG, I feel your pain. Swallowtail...she was so beautiful! I hope whereever she flew to she will find happiness.

Noooo! That sucks!

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